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2022-11-29 17:01 UTC
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  • [SubsPlease] Chainsaw Man - 08 (1080p) [95D16D74].mkv (1.4 GiB)
yes, crappa does it again with cgi kino, like you know what that word means. You shouldn't even post that fucking word outside of where it came from, but you're probably banned from there due to your low quality posts to begin with. At least once our dystopian future requires digital IDs to access the internet, I can have a filter to automatically ignore all posts by anyone born post 2000. Just shut the fuck up, you weren't even born in a real timeline. 2001 shifted reality through gigantic satanic ritual sacrifice that started the machines of war and which altered human consciousness, dragging us to a lower dimensional cesspool of hell: if you were born past then it's safe to say you're a filler character, a literal NPC, and most before then are NPCs anyway. You have no divine spark, no light, and no higher sense of any understanding, so what is there to expect of you? Nothing, so just don't speak, I don't want to hear it. Nobody wants to hear it, just shut the fuck up. Anyway back on topic, I used to say Japanese had bad taste but saying CSM is or close to #1 in the west this season and #8 in Japan, I am re-evaluating my own prejudices. It seems Japan actually has better taste than the west, and I thought they were all into only isekai and NTR cuck shit these days. Also CSM is native-isekai garbage anyway, just in a contemporary setting. Prove me otherwise, fuck you. How does it feel to know that literal autistic hikki's from Japan who are greasier than a dominos pizza box and who've never known the touch of a woman have better taste than you faggots? Fucking hilarious. They are more laudable than you.
thank you habibi
also before you say any meme shit like CSM mindbroke me or something, FUCK YOU. It was just the straw that broke the camel's back, you faggots are responsible for putting filth on a pedestal these last 10 years and veering anime off a cliff. Anime should never have been made for or pandered to anyone outside of Japan. Fuck you, fuck weeaboos, and I hope Japan denies you entry when you inevitably go there because it's just like muh anime (it's not, and the Japanese hate you). One good thing about their aging population is their conservatism, I hope they don't let you nasty gaijin rent, or even eat in their restaurants. No woman, let alone Japanese woman will ever touch you, even if you pay for it you rotten, festering blob, you disgusting, disheveled, and ungainfully alive false-personage of an actual human being.
Well said, Rowan. Well said.
Damn idk if that's a copypasta or actual rant but now it sure is a copypasta.
Rowan out here putting filthy infidels in check. Allah bless 🙏
Noro I believe Jesus christ is the son of God but you are a cool guy, again you stand immortal, I will vouch for you if you are not risen after the first harpazo, my guy, so try and live within God's graces, bless you.
> One good thing about their aging population is their conservatism, I hope they don’t let you nasty gaijin rent, or even eat in their restaurants. No woman, let alone Japanese woman will ever touch you, even if you pay for it you rotten, festering blob, you disgusting, disheveled, and ungainfully alive false-personage of an actual human being. This one has to go to @NyaaCommentstxt
Why are so many of the people that comments on this site such detestable degenerates?
Just shut up Rowan, this is a good anime. Not great or bad, but good enough for sure. And If I say so then that means it's true.
Imagine having a break down on an anime piracy website. Can't be me!
So lively, keep it up! :D
@BoatMeat because they are the same people who sit on their dragon dildo and listen to their fag (false) priest at ""church'" and see nothing wrong with society or the way it's headed. I bet they think all people are equal or that all people deserve human rights (they don't). @Glordit contrary opinions to mine are break downs, WAAAHH! Nice picture zoomer. Very original/10, you probably think highly of yourself and jerk off to NTR porn. Imagine crying pirate when you are one. All anime should be pirated, it's money outside of Japan that has steered anime away towards it's original intented target audience; you know, actual Japanese people. You are the embodiment of a pseudo-intellectual 100 iq halfwit who doesn't understand 2+2=4. Retard. @Interruptor If I say you're a worthless fuck, you are one, but your parents already harbor that opinion of you, you don't need to hear it from me.
this is not the place.
@Rowan hope you're doing ok.
Imagine continuing to have a break down on an anime piracy website. Still can’t be me!
this anime is masterpiece and best.
Rowan you need to get back on your meds.
Rowan getting no bitches, dw dog itll happen soon. just stop being weird on the internet.
@Rowan the thousands of people that will be buying the BD's in the first week of release, (like JJK as an example), who are actually contributing to the filth, won't be reading any of this. Just the very few of us who read nyaa comments and don't contribute anything to the anime industry. So, this isn't the best outlet for that kind of stuff
No anime site is complete without a culture war. One of, if not the, biggest problems today is the idea everyone has to agree with each other all the time. Never gonna happen.
I know that, Headlights. But somebody has to speak the words. See how bent these people are? One contrary opinion and they're set off. Fuck 'em, they're not even human. Let them consume their funko pops, let them call me names, I really don't care. I've watched anime before they were born, they're surface level, mentally, spiritually, they go nowhere. Meanwhile I'll keep posting from my cabin, it's supposed to be close to 0 (fahrenheight) tonight, I will drink my cocoa and be comfy as I always am, they can seethe and screech all they want.
Thanks for the episode.
ok rowan now stfu xd
Rowan looks like a clown, not because he's autism posting on nyaa, but because he's watching Chainsaw Man.
calm down son its just drawings
Rowan out here making the guy who really hates 720p look well adjusted
Funniest shit i've read in the past months
I'm inmune. I downloaded the 720p version.
Rowan join Subsplease discord please
watched and thought this is a great episode, and wonder why so many comments, turns out, it's a comedic thread, so glad i clicked here. yes @fefemess, funniest shit since ages ago!
these autistic ass-cancer inducing comments every week on new Chainsaw Man episodes are getting close to 4chan's level of cringe. I remember the days when the mods used to delete random worthless garbage spam that had nothing to do with the release, I predict that at this rate nyaa's comment section will become 97% spam pretty soon with unhinged weebs having mental breakdowns in the comments and posting manifestos and other weird shit lmao.
Whelp anyway, show has been great so far thanks op.
@jakecr It's the only way to make this shit adaption tolerable.
@jakecr imagine if you even knew what the word manifesto was. I can throw out buzzwords too, except I know what they actually mean. The only thing cringe is you getting ass-mad over it. You'd think I was your uncle 10 years ago, buy some preparation-H. I appear to be rent-free in a lot of your heads, and I don't even know who the fuck you people are except each time I click on the page. @Oosik unfortunately a good CSM adaptation would still be not so great, when the source material itself isn't so good. CSM isn't really deep, creative, or incredibly interesting, but it could've been a good action banger so long as you don't go looking for anything too deep. And you know what, there's nothing fucking wrong with just enjoying an anime. The problem is this adaptation really is some real dogshit. JJK has the same shit going on as CSM, it's not incredibly deep but the animation was a lot better. Some parts were meh but that's basically every anime, at least it wasn't an eyesore. Either Mappa outsourced work here or they're being forced to work on a project they don't like. If the case is the latter, I personally don't blame them, CSM has no fucking soul, it relies on low-brow stupidity at it's worst parts to try and make a punch, and falls flat. Truthfully, I swear to you I am not watching this show. But I admittedly did read the manga long ago, and I happen to be laughing my ass off at the memes this show is making. I did watch this episode skipping through 5-10 second increments just to see the picture, and it is rather incredible.
Ps2 graphics-esque abominations of animation and T-posing villains that make minecraft look un-pixelated were some of the highlights of the day. The few retards above saying the episode was great are simply trying to get a rise out of me, and they failed. They're crying copium tears behind their masks. The first 3.5 minutes of this episode was literally the end of episode 7, and nothing happens into the retarded animation I saw at the end. Shows that are 20 and 30 years old put this shit to shame. Cry on, losers. You're cool though Oosik, cuz you at least admit the adaptation sucks. Other people would rather rimjob a corporation's metaphorical asshole and thank them for it before they'd ever cast a stone their way.
Put me in the screenshot!
Objectively speaking, CSM is mid af. I hope I won't have to meet anyone who thinks CSM is the best manga/anime in real life. Amen.
I feel you. Modern shounen fanbases are the worst thing ever. While this one is good to watch, is not really a phenomenal anime.
Yes, many of us are not human, not even NPCs, just buggy NPC bots. We will reproduce, multiply and contribute to the demise of the species. Hopefully we can get the government to maintain our n (tends to infinite) children to make it official. Much love <3
ping pong was the last good anime, and that came out in 2014
@Rowan I find your assertion that this show is akin to isekai interesting. Could you expand on that position? I'm not quite sure how the mechanics and trends of isekai are supposed to be translated in this work. Are you sure your opinion isn't just based on isekai being a subset of fantasy, which has certain overlaps with urban fantasy (which this would more traditionally be classified as)?
Man some people really are lifeless as hell. I thought Disqus comment section on manhwa reading websites were bad, but this is even worst.
@Rowan I don't know if you have to Masturbate more, or less to find balance xD
Dude probably couldn't handle NNN
@pip3 based, I agree. Actually, if you consider yoru wa mijkashi an anime (although it's a film), I think that's the truly last good one.
And here I naively went into the comment section to perhaps discuss WTF just happened in this episode. Instead, I had to doomscroll all the way down and see all this mess. o.o
@Rowan Ok diaper.
@Oosik ? Got poop on your mind or something? Nose touching your screen, freak?
@rowan thank you for the laughs
@Interruptor good point, though i guess i was talking about shows, not movies. have you seen inu-oh? the animation and overall direction is obviously top notch, but i find the concept of what if we did dororo but it's bohemean rhapsody really obnoxious and stupid. very strong first half, until it turns into a musical imo
@Rowan i love you
This show is so badly written kek
@pip3 I didn't have the chance to see it in cinemas so I guess I will have to wait until someone uploads it here. I agree with you on musicals so I'm probably not gonna like it as much as I would have if it didn't have weird music stuff thrown around. Yuasa is famous for being the one who pushed for that weird freestyle scene in Japan Zero and he wasn't even director of that show (thankfully), so yeah I guess he giveth but also taketh.
Lately Mushoku Tensei was very good, and Kage no Jitsuryokusha is great too this season filthy philistines in the comments yelling at the clouds like their grandpas did to the devil's music (rock), truly NPCs without self-awareness