[VeloEncodes] Digimon Adventure: (2020) Episode 01 - Tokyo Digital Crisis (Dual-Audio) (Jpn 2.0 OPUS + Hin 2.0 OPUS) (10-bit HEVC) (1080p BDRip) [92C7A043]

2022-11-12 02:34 UTC
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![img](https://i.imgur.com/hrtFLIT.jpg) ![img](https://gallery.withthewill.net/albums/userpics/10002/adventure2020_poster_january20_2020.jpg) HEVC 10-bit Blu-ray encode of the first episode of the Digimon Adventure: (2020) reboot series, with Japanese and Hindi audio, encoded from the JPBDs on U2. It is currently unclear whether Cartoon Network India has stopped airing the anime due to bad TV ratings, or they're simply taking a break between arcs, but I'll do a batch encode at some point (for the whole series, regardless of whether it gets dubbed in Indian languages), and also maybe mux in the Tamil and Telugu audio tracks. For now, this is just an experiment to see how many people would be interested in a dual-audio or multilanguage Blu-ray encode with the Cartoon Network India dub(s). **NOTE:** I can't QC the South Indian language tracks in addition to the Hindi one. The encoder for the Cartoon Network dubs (Toonworld4All) adds in a nasty audio watermark to some episodes, which I'll try removing using a combination of different sources (including the Japanese audio) and Spleeter for the Hindi track only. For now, enjoy this episode, encoded on an M1 MacBook Air. Yes, you read that right. This involved a lossless intermediate encoded using my own Vapoursynth script (in 10-bit), and then brought down in size using Handbrake, because the FFMPEG videotoolbox_hevc encoder doesn't seem to like encoding 10-bit streams. And for those wondering, no, Tamers is not dead, though moving forward, I'll take less of an active role in that project, and just piracy in general. **MediaInfo:** https://pastebin.com/9LxWpgc8 **Release information:** | Stream | Source | |--------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | **Video** | Japanese Blu-ray (encoded by VeloEncodes) | | **Original Japanese Audio** | Japanese Blu-ray (encoded by VeloEncodes) | | **Hindi dubbed audio** | Cartoon Network Hindi TV broadcast (courtesy Toonworld4All, reencoded by VeloEncodes) | | **Styled signs and songs** | Crunchyroll English softsubs modified and restyled by VeloEncodes | | **Styled subs** | Crunchyroll English softsubs modified and restyled by VeloEncodes | **Screenshots (JPEG for now; will be replaced with PNGs at some point):** ![img](https://i.imgur.com/QJr5Fro.jpg) ![img](https://i.imgur.com/a5OMOjS.jpg) ![img](https://i.imgur.com/Cfz369T.jpg) ![img](https://i.imgur.com/tASYhaK.jpg) ![img](https://i.imgur.com/hlA2Rl1.jpg) ![img](https://i.imgur.com/xmR9hAv.jpg) ![img](https://i.imgur.com/1uHGw4I.jpg) ***Please consider donating crypto if you enjoyed this release. A little support goes a long way!*** **STORJ:** 0xC953B83c11810f981aEa36e1Ee6E5d8a5c2c0e1A **BTC:** 3Aj3tF8XFjHC43CEpsXbGabKtSQ7LuRC3V **DOGE (Dogecoin network):** DSoN14sAAmgxY35WFsUM1HAoFiyNR62hDo **SOL:** DD6o3aXS6kEAGmZyx1V5wRzXUEEN3VuppHgak2ykGpmU **CRO (Cronos):** 0x852Cc431474Dcb4D1b0EDc7F128c5E358be7F795 **DAI (Cronos):** 0x852Cc431474Dcb4D1b0EDc7F128c5E358be7F795 Please note that the wallet addresses on my previous releases are no longer valid. Do *not* send any funds to them! *If you liked this release, please consider buying the official Blu-rays. And please make some noise to let Cartoon Network India know that getting rid of Digimon Adventure: (2020) in favour of* Teen Titans Go! *is a huge L, no matter* how *you spin it.*

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  • [VeloEncodes] Digimon Adventure (2020) Episode 01 - Tokyo Digital Crisis (Dual-Audio) (Jpn 2.0 OPUS + Hin 2.0 OPUS) (10-bit HEVC) (1080p BDRip) [92C7A043].mkv (1.7 GiB)
I was actually waiting for someone to do a BD version release of this series, but just the Japanese audio with multiple subtitles; with English as the 1st main track. Maybe you can include NC op and NC endings of this?

thecharioteermode (uploader)

@kaleistar I intend on incorporating the NCOP and the NCEDs into the episodes in the batch torrent. Will definitely consider making a track remover script to remove unneeded audio tracks though! Also, last I checked, the final Blu-ray volume isn't on U2 yet, so I will be trying to purchase that. Because of this, the batch torrent is most definitely going to be delayed, but I think I have a nice workflow figured out, pretty much. The other reason behind the delay is that I want to make a definitive batch torrent for this series, but again, I'll try to create a track remover batch file to go with that torrent. And because I'm on macOS now (with access to Windows on a VM and on my other laptop), I'll try and make a general script for zsh or Python as well :)
you think you can just leave in the credit op and ed as they are, just a special folder for the NC's for the extras.

thecharioteermode (uploader)

That works too tbh, and is probably less work for me, @kaiserstar1. In the end it depends on what people want. I have a crap ton of academic commitments preventing me from going all in on encoding at the moment, but the batch torrent IS coming down the road tbh. Ditto for Tamers.
Damn, you are back! Looking forward to this series!
@thecharioteermode any update on the tamers encode? Hope you’re doing well!!

thecharioteermode (uploader)

Hey man, sorry for the late response. Sadly, no update. Also, nah. I ain't doing well at all, and I refuse to elaborate.