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2022-11-08 17:03 UTC
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  • [SubsPlease] Chainsaw Man - 05 (1080p) [16CC6267].mkv (1.4 GiB)
@NoOtaku It's goyslop, and you insufferable faggots are the reason why half-baked shit can be shoveled onto a plate, served up, and devoured voraciously, where there is no end. It's just stream after stream of broken things and empty promises and terrible production quality and no love in the industry anymore for actual art, and yet here we are with trash being put on a pedestal. I am sure that near the end of the human race people will be watching "animations" that are hardly more than amorphous blobs with cartoon faces on screens as they swallow their feel-good pills and zone-out to satanic propaganda. Go fuck yourself.
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just consume product and get excited for next product
@Rowan Stop whining and produce something better
"terrible production quality"
I can't, no actualized human being with a soul can, friend.
@Rowan I bet you smell like shit
I agree with Rowan. It's bad. The women in CSM are far too old and show **0 (ZERO) exposed ankles**. _Total disappointment._ The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) would agree.
@Squeezi straight to personal insults, huh? So original and funny. So you're the one who actually never showers, right? Big time projection there buddy. You're 100 percent a mongrel of a human being, and probably the product of a mother who had you out of wedlock. You're an unplanned bastard who's nothing more than a money-hole in your single mother's eyes, buddy. One of the powers afforded to the few true human beings on earth (me), is a keen 6th sense and I know everything I said about you is true. Cope and seethe, squeal like the little piggy you are, you're dust without a spirit and you can only throw rocks at a mirror and cry that you're only the imitation of a real man.
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Thank you brother بارك الله فيك Baraka Allahu Fik May Allah Bless You
I never get tired of hearing pirates bitching about quality of a show they did not pay for.
Autism vs ADHD
When will this show become interesting? Even Jujutsu Kaisen is better than this.
Bruh animators have it rough. Low wages for absurd work hours. In most cases crunching for months 10+ hours every day hardly any days off due to silly deadlines. Then if anime pops off they dont see any royalties except for the few people at the top. Like manga author or original anime writer and studio heads/managers. Anime is expensive mainly in the amount of skill and hours needed. Normally that would mean the pay is high but theres no shortage of new fodder with talent to replace anyone who burns out cancelling it out. Thats why pay is sht. All because they love drawing so much theyd rather die than not draw. So being an animator is a compromise. Its probably some inherent trait of artists in general to brush off all that as long as they get to do their thing. As for csm animation its above average. Even great. From the looks theyre animating the whole manga 1 to 1, not skipping anything so far even absolute cringe moments but dont quote me.
All anime is bad. No exceptions. Except Chihayafuru. Until next time!
@Rowan take meds touch grass etc
What the hell happened here?
I hate this fanbase so much. If you don't like these CGI animations, go watch something else instead of whining about it!


God I fucking love this community. Never change, y'll keeping me alive.
@Mysticus I'm actually not watching it, I read the manga (not very good either, fuck you) I am here just to hate on it, because it is some absolute shit