[HatSubs] One Piece 955-958 (BD 1080p 10-bit Opus)

2022-10-29 17:02 UTC
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![One of these four just got a movie](https://i.imgur.com/ELToAkM.png) Translation: Official Editing: Notkama Translation Check: Giraffebirbyuimumei Timing: Tim Encoding: Puto Typesetting: Giraffebirbyuimumei Quality Check: Toa of Gallifrey, Trıp Hooooo boy, this sure has been a long time coming. This might seem like a very random collection of episodes to release... because it is... but let us explain: At the time HatSubs started out, this was the most recent BD we had access to. That, plus it contains episode 957 which is a masterpiece. But of course, HatSubs has been going for over a year now, so what took so long? Well two things: Firstly, the editor having roughly five minutes of free time outside of the days when new episodes aired, meaning that basically this batch has been what we've been working on every time there was a break or a recap episode we opted to skip. Secondly: 957 has the most absolutely bonkers over-the-top insane nightmarish typesetting of pure evil that this typesetter has ever seen. It took seemingly never-ending trial and error to get to a point where the episode would even look remotely passable. And even after all of this, there's honestly a ton of stuff that could still be done to make it look better. We ultimately just settled for something that would look more-or-less seamless if you don't look too closely. But it's far from perfect. It is beyond our skill to make it perfect. Thankfully subsequent Ishitani episodes laid off on the typesetting madness just a little bit. So what now? Will we go on to do the Oden flashback? I mean... We would like to... But given how incredibly absurdly long these four episodes alone ended up taking, we certainly can make no promises.

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  • [HatSubs] One Piece 955-958 (BD 1080p 10-bit Opus)
    • [HatSubs] One Piece 955 (BD 1080p 10-bit Opus) [E3203D6F].mkv (1.2 GiB)
    • [HatSubs] One Piece 956 (BD 1080p 10-bit Opus) [F4319E41].mkv (960.3 MiB)
    • [HatSubs] One Piece 957 (BD 1080p 10-bit Opus) [936796E8].mkv (860.8 MiB)
    • [HatSubs] One Piece 958 (BD 1080p 10-bit Opus) [C4AC362A].mkv (912.1 MiB)
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