[Vodes] Jujutsu Kaisen 0 (2021) [v2] [BD 1080p HEVC Dual-Audio]

2022-10-28 20:54 UTC
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### Video JPBD source Denoised, AA'd, Debanded, Regrained Similar to the Made in Abyss Movie, this movie has sharp as fuck lineart and as such is somewhat hard to properly AA. Gotta say that the source is way better than the source for S1. Aside from some annoying chroma noise, the occasional banding and some nasty aliasing from time to time it's pretty good. I'd say I was pretty conservative with the filtering and can probably also do better so don't be surprised if there appears a new encode in the far future. ### Audio - Japanese 5.1 & 2.0 Opus (JPBD) - English 2.0 AAC (CR) - German 2.0 AAC (CR) ### Subs - English subs based on [Animorphs](/view/1581329)/[Kaizoku](/view/1589546) with retiming from P9, TS from Arid and Edits from Me & [Zander](/user/oZanderr) - English subs with unchanged [Kaizoku](/view/1589546) Dialogue for the ones that prefer it - German subs from CR with the same TS ‎ #### V2: No changes to the encode or audio. I started out doing some edits myself and taking some that I liked from [Kaizoku](/view/1589546) but [Zander](/user/oZanderr) kinda took over while checking mine and did a whole bunch more himself. I also took one or two signs from them but the others weren't a straight upgrade at all so I didn't bother. [Zahuczky](/user/Zahuczky) basically redid all of the song styling. Diffchecks: - [v1 vs v2 release](https://www.diffchecker.com/ambq6ao7) - [v2 vs Kaizoku](https://www.diffchecker.com/U5QhIire) [Patch v1 -> v2](https://files.catbox.moe/15xnwr.7z) ‎ [MediaInfo](https://bin.disroot.org/?2847a8d29504a7a9#9iFrjL5cCtoUhb2vbY3nkceBE6wXVAVyPcsMLftxyUsH) | [Comp](https://slow.pics/c/3XCxxwJZ)

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  • Jujutsu Kaisen 0 (2021) [v2] [BD 1080p HEVC Dual-Audio] [Vodes].mkv (8.8 GiB)
Obligatory Opussy comment

Vodes (uploader)

What did you other than edits? Also is your edits so good to do a release and splitting the sneed for a subjective better video with little to no changes?
Thanks. @Asakura Slime pls
got a xdelta patch?

Vodes (uploader)

Added a patch. Let me know if it works
> Added a patch. Let me know if it works It worked, much appreciated!
Based, but the encode is rather lacking... I heard that German audio degrades video quality
My nigga, kino release.