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2022-10-27 20:33 UTC
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[Bocchi the Rock!](https://anilist.co/anime/130003) Behind schedule again but with a fresh new coat of paint. Will keep trying harder for ep 4! ### Quick list of changes * **Merged and edited the CR and B-Global scripts.** B-Global handles certain jokes and translation pitfalls much more deftly and flows better most of the time. The roughly 30% of times they don't, I used CR. If both of them sucked, I rewrote the line (probably happened like 10 times total tho lol) For clarification's sake, I do also do a general TLC and edit pass on the script once merged. * Song styling (thanks Flower!) * Restyled dialogue * Retimed dialogue (thanks petzku!) * Removed honorifics * Changed some TS colors and fonts around to blend in a tiny bit more ### New shit * New new encode by LightArrowsEXE. ty sexy ### Things I still haven't changed * **Typesetting.** If I didn't leave it mostly alone this release would have come out in 2025. ~~Actually I did terribly typeset this one book Ryou's holding at the end because it's criminally funny and CR didn't touch it~~ Please yell in the comments if something is wrong. Add me on Discord if strictly necessary. Use [mpv](https://mpv.io).

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  • [Gotch] Bocchi the Rock! - 03 [AB659A83].mkv (1.0 GiB)
thanks light and roak
thanks light and roak
thanks light and roak
thanks light and roak
thanks light & roak
who is this light guy and why does he reek so much
thanks roak and light
@LightArrowsEXE I heard he's a serial anime staller. We should raise awareness to this fact!
very cool, thanks a lot
thanks dark and whatever the opposite of roak is
Thanks Flower and Petzcute
Thanks smelly and GOATak
Thanks to both.
thanks mr light and mr roak
thanks light & roak
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rip, we didn't deserve you
I hope you're not dead. But if you are, please let us know.
thanks light and roak
Still waiting... ![](https://media.tenor.com/AfMj1IQE0pMAAAAC/bocchi-the-rock.gif)
just watch crunchy, show's fucking good and it's not worth waiting on a release that may or may not happen
Smells like rotten corpse in here.
@snyte predicted it
finals season is almost over, that might be it. or I'm coping. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯
Merry xmas! It's over... But still waiting...
forgot this existed