[Gotch] Bocchi the Rock! - 01v3 [A8F6D0A9]

2022-10-23 18:31 UTC
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[Bocchi the Rock!](https://anilist.co/anime/130003) We all make mistakes, right? This is my first time coordinating a release like this, so I'll cope that way. No patch this time because I shouldn't have bothered with it originally. It's 2022, you can redownload 1.35GB faster than I could type this. Ep 2 in a couple hours, after I QC it. ### Quick list of changes * **Merged and edited the CR and B-Global scripts.** B-Global handles certain jokes and translation pitfalls much more deftly and flows better most of the time. The roughly 30% of times they don't, I used CR. If both of them sucked, I rewrote the line (probably happened like 10 times total tho lol) * Song styling (thanks Flower!) * Restyled dialogue * Retimed dialogue (thanks petzku!) * Removed honorifics * ~~Gotou -> Gotoh, in accordance with [her and this tag's namesake](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masafumi_Gotoh)~~ CR eventually started doing this it seems, but left names like Ryo(u) alone. I made it consistent across both scripts. * Changed some TS fonts around * ED TL (from CR's ep 2) ### Things I didn't change * Video and audio—they're unmodified CR. Sorry Light, I'd have dehaloed and AAed if I could. * **Typesetting.** If I didn't leave it mostly alone this release would have come out in 2025. CR's is... *legible*. That's the most praise I can give it. Please yell in the comments if something is wrong. Add me on Discord if strictly necessary. Use [mpv](https://mpv.io).

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thanks again gonna start watching when episode 2 comes out
best show of the season has been saved
Could probably start using these raws if you want something better than just the raw CR video: https://nyaa.si/view/1591920

Roak (uploader)

thanks for all the nice comments from everyone in this torrent and the last btw, rly appreciate it. love the seething too, keep it coming ;) anyway i forgot to replace the font in the style for the OP so i ruined flower's work a little, but ep 2 will be fixed for sure(tm) (c) (r), along with probably using the encode that @menma linked. kinda pissed that i keep screwing the pooch but i'm getting better. expect the accursed v4 for batch, if i survive that long