[Anonyneko] 6HP - Six Heart Princesses - 06 [1080p] [00C90DC7].mkv (Six Hearts Princess)

2022-10-09 13:18 UTC
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The usual disclaimers about me being an ESL apply. With only one episode left to do to catch up, I guess I lost hope of anyone taking over, but the offer always stands, especially if the show resumes. Thanks to everyone who helped with figuring out the old Japanese parts. Without the script or captions some of it is still, ultimately, guesswork (I've got absolutely no clue what's this whole deal with what I suppose is 得食む), so if the show does miraculously resume — expect re-releases down the line. Also, I'd love to write these lines in some kind of Shakesperean-like English, but, unfortunately, it is too much of a challenge for an ESL like me. Now then this whole deal with *True Name of the World* a.k.a. *World Mana* is somewhat my fault — if I was more attentive, thought it through, and rewatched episode 6 prior to editing episode 1 prologue, I might've opted for using the latter in episode 1. But the official English episode title that quotes that particular line is "And yet, the True Name of Heaven and Earth" (it's even printed on the art books), so initially I went for this kanji-based meaning ("true name") rather than the pronunciation-based meaning ("mana"). Though given this show's quirks, it's probably supposed to be a double entendre anyway. Raws: Permidion [Softsubs](https://mega.nz/#F!7wxF3SbY!4p7aElMF0X0pSC8kpVf3xw)

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  • [Anonyneko] 6HP - Six Heart Princesses - 06 [1080p] [00C90DC7].mkv (978.7 MiB)
Thanks for sharing the episodes. I've been holding onto the first one since it came out back in 2019. After a while without seeing any more come out.The first episodes was placed in archive just in case more started t appear one day. Even though never did learn why I figured it had to do with Covid19 pandemic and left it at that. Since then been looking for it's name to appear. The first episode was enough to give this show a chance, despite that the first part of Ep1 resembles Symphogear.
Whoa, whoa, you think subbing a piece of shit magical girl anime like this will make me happy? Well it did! Aren't you glad that you've made someone smile today you piece of shit! I hope you continue enjoying living!