[Anonyneko] 6HP - Six Heart Princesses - 05 [1080p] [C5A422B9].mkv (Six Hearts Princess)

2022-10-05 12:30 UTC
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The usual disclaimers about me being an ESL (and hoping that someone takes over) apply. Cutting some corners to try not to burn out. There were a few minor lines that I couldn't hear properly due to background noise, but hopefully nothing important. The "are bananas snacks" thing is a cultural meme for older Japanese generations. This is a stock question that students ask teachers when going on a field trip so they can take more sweet things with them, and for cultural reasons it sounds funny to them because the word "banana" itself sounds funny, because bananas used to be seen as part of a meal, and because they were also really expensive in post-war Japan, unlike normal snacks. Here are [some](https://animananime.com/2017/02/02/lost-in-translation-3-gabriel-dropout/) [articles](https://japaninja.pro/consider-the-traditional-japanese-question-are-bananas-part-of-the-oyatsu/) about this. I decided not to adapt it because it's followed by another banana gag, and because any alternative would also be a non-sequitur anyway. I also didn't simply translate "Kyokou Railway" because it's actually written like that on the logo and on the badge on the conductor's hat, which is seen more clearly in the art books. Don't wanna get screwed if the full logo appears in the show later. Oh and the totally-not-Galaxy-Express conductor actually has a living brain, so he's technically a cyborg, not a robot. The next two episodes have a shitton of ye olde Japanese again, so no estimates on release. Hopefully not three years. Raws: Permidion [Softsubs](https://mega.nz/#F!7wxF3SbY!4p7aElMF0X0pSC8kpVf3xw)

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  • [Anonyneko] 6HP - Six Heart Princesses - 05 [1080p] [C5A422B9].mkv (1.8 GiB)

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Whoops, thank you, fixed the torrent title. The file itself is thankfully named correctly.
1.8GB is too big Thanks anyway

Anonyneko (uploader)

It's a long 30-minute episode with a lot of CG. I'm not an encoding wizard, this was the best I could do without compromising on quality or using H.265 (and I lack the necessary hardware to encode in H.265 anyway). Feel free to re-encode.