[Anime Chap] Yofukashi no Uta S01E12 [WEB 1080p] {OP & ED Lyrics & Honorifics} - Episode 12 (Call of the Night)

2022-09-22 20:33 UTC
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Title: Yofukashi no Uta (Call of the Night) - Episode 12 **Episode 13 {Finale} - Out Between: 29/09/2022 - 30/09/2022** ### Head over to my [Discord](https://discord.gg/wWSKTRQvXa) and vote, from this list, the shows I'll be covering next season! ![alt text](https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/870781446573424730/1019002317795770409/4._Fall_Anime_Vote.jpg) _I’ve translated the OP & ED with Karaoke Lyrics as usual - Enjoy!!!_ _*(Please do credit & **link back** if you use anything as ever as it takes a lot of work, otherwise I'll just stop doing it...and of course a link back to the original will make me a happy little chap!)*_ H.264 WEB 1080p AAC 128kps - 2 Channels Video Source: HIDIVE WEBRIP/SubsPlease Subs: (Anime Chap) Edited Official HIDIVE Subs (Completely Re-Styled, Re-Timed, OP & ED Lyrics, Honorifics, Spelling & Grammar Corrections & some Minor Fixes) Chapters: (Anime Chap) Original Chapters ### Support Me: https://ko-fi.com/animechap ### Head to my [Discord](https://discord.gg/wWSKTRQvXa) to check out and keep up with the shows I'm covering this new Summer Season! ![alt text](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/885311036427755570/1022606319326351390/unknown.png) - Synopsis: Kou Yamori seems like a typical middle school student on the surface. Relatively good at studies and amiable with his classmates, he puts a lot of effort into maintaining this facade. One day, however, he decides to stop pretending and quits school, developing insomnia as a result of having no daytime outlet for his energy. When taking walks alone at night, he feels marginally better, though he is aware that his inability to sleep should be considered a serious problem. On one such walk, Kou meets a weird girl, Nazuna Nanakusa, who diagnoses the cause of his sleeplessness: despite making changes in his life, he is still holding himself back from experiencing true freedom. She says that he won't be able to sleep unless he is satisfied with how he spends his waking hours. When it appears that she has resolved his current worries, Nazuna invites him back to her apartment to share her futon. After a while, unaware that he is only feigning unconsciousness, she leans over him—and bites his neck! Note 1: These subs should work with pretty much any release of Call of the Night you can find! Note 2: If you wanted just the Sub files head over to my [Discord](https://discord.gg/wWSKTRQvXa) and there is the .mks file ![alt text](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/885311036427755570/1022606109598568509/unknown.png) *Join the Anime Chap discord for early releases! I upload the individual sub files as soon as I finish editing them so join my server for those sweet, sweet early sub file releases - https://discord.gg/wWSKTRQvXa* ![alt text](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/885311036427755570/1022606222173683742/unknown.png) P.S: I’ll seed myself as-and-when I can but I need as much bandwidth as I can for my job so it won’t be 24/7 - If there are no seeders or you want me to seed, drop a comment bellow and I’ll start seeding again - Or join my Discord and shoot a message over and I’ll seed or upload to Mega!!!

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