Desire Pandora v01-03 (2021-2022) (Digital) (1r0n)

2022-09-19 19:28 UTC
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### ***Desire Pandora - Akira Hizuki*** --- ***Official Site Link:*** **** ***Mangaupdates Link:*** **** ***DDL Link:*** **** --- Hey guys, 1r0nL3gacy45, aka 1r0n is back again with another new upload! Today I'll be releasing Volumes 1-3 of **Desire Pandora**! You can come visit our server [**here**]( **x2000 rips, spreads joined but otherwise unedited. DDL provided for the release. Hope you enjoy this release and as usual, happy reading folks!** ***PLEASE SEED*** ![logo]( "Volume 1")

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  • Desire Pandora (Digital) (1r0n)
    • Desire Pandora v01 (2021) (Digital) (1r0n).cbz (165.2 MiB)
    • Desire Pandora v02 (2022) (Digital) (1r0n).cbz (166.6 MiB)
    • Desire Pandora v03 (2022) (Digital) (1r0n).cbz (199.1 MiB)
Armpit cunny! Thanks.
This manga explores kinky and even some extreme fetishes in the later chapters. From early up to the latest chapter; Armpit -> Feet -> Tickling -> Licking -> Navel -> Asphyxiation -> S/M -> Tentacles -> Vore
@remunaw12: You call that extreme? That's a Tuesday night for me.
Lol good for you. Just putting some warning to people here. This vol. 3 is still safe though. The tentacles scene was new for me, kinda made me uncomfortable, unlike typical tentacles we found on hentai.
Thanks for the release! By the way, what happened to the mangapiracy discord? The old invite doesn't seem to work anymore.