[valoon] All 1982 3.Summer Anime Openings

2022-09-13 20:56 UTC
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Explore the 4 Anime from 40 years ago! Tondemon Pe, Ginga Reppuu Baxingar, Taiyou no Ko Esteban & Kabocha Wine In the meantime, check out 1982 Spring! https://nyaa.si/view/1544595 This year I'm kind of late to the party, real life just doesnt stop keeping one busy :/ Bad news: Semester starts again soon so will have less time again... hopefully not impacting Fall Season too much Good news: Preparations for this season almost completely done, next season also already looking very good so Driland will be worked on for the rest of the year Release Schedule & Current State: 1992 2.Spring: In Cut 1992 3.Summer: In Cut 2002 2.Spring: In Cut 2002 3.Summer: In Cut 2012 2.Spring: In Cut 2012 3.Summer: In Load 2022 2.Spring: In Load 2022 3.Summer: In Load Driland Ep 16-19: In QC (ETA: September) 2 Fall Seasons: In Preparation Driland 20+: In Preparation (ETA: 2022 Q4 - 2023) 01 & 02 Special: In Preparation (ETA: New Years)

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do you have a blog or a youtube channel with all the archives? what do you do if a show does not have an opening like OVAs love the idea, keep at it

valoon (uploader)

@aopap Sadly I dont have a youtube channel since Youtube takes the videos down almost instantly, I do have a Twitter account where I post updates, notify about releases and such: https://twitter.com/LinguisticSubs/ Open for any other suggestion :D For OVAs without Opening they are just not included in here, maybe in the future I will do something about OVAs and Movies But before that I would make some Ending related content maybe? (Since I got the OPs prepared the EDs are not too difficult at this point) and thank you^^ In the future I also plan a batch of all released content so far (Some will get a V2 since I spotted some errors)
Whoa didn't see this one had _かぼちゃワイン / Pumpkin Wine_ on it. Nice.