Pokemon the LOST EPISODE

2022-08-21 20:17 UTC
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Krycek's wife is a fucking chad. She saved her childhood vhs tapes and one of them happened to have the original airing of the lost episode of pokemon, beauty and the beach. I did a capture on an svhc vcr of it with pcm audio. Here is the resulting encode. Enjoy it, its better than you'd expect for as cut up as it is.

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  • [ZeroCool_And_Krycek's_wife]beautyAndBeach.mkv (5.2 GiB)
Based, I hope you and Krycek's wife kiss.
dont be a cunt folks respect eachother
Is this the episode where Ash wakes up from his coma?
@wave It's the episode where you stop acting like an unfunny faggot
what the fuck kinda wife does shit like this. is it a troon?
the comment section on this site gives me a fucking aneurysm
@trubbish MY BRAIN'S TREMBLIIIIING!! Also, here you go, more info about this episode https://pokemon.fandom.com/wiki/TB018:_Beauty_and_the_Beach


PeePeePooPoo69 comment sections not being full of the worst posters on the site 2022 challenge.
Aww just the titted Broc/James episode?
\>being american \>having banned japanese cartoons
Krycek’s wife cannot be a chad unless Krycek is gay (and even then, it would be his husband) or his wife is trans. The correct and respectful term is "Stacy".
just listen to yourself
@zetsu_shoren Electric Soldier Porygon is still banned in Japan. And there are two or three episodes from later series that got produced but pulled before they were suppose to air because they too closely resembled a recent national tragedy.
Ha, knew it was gonna be the epileptic trigger meme episode of lore. It's deadly, but only to tards! (Don't discriminate folks, hate is not based.) TIL it has a name, wow. (ポケモンショック Pokemon Shokku) 685 viewers were taken to hospitals; 2 people remained hospitalized for more than two weeks. Gotta catch.... the ambulance I guess.
Re: Stacy, this was what popped up https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0368296/