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2022-08-17 20:43 UTC
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Translation: Official Editing: Notkama Song translation: bluesun Translation check, timing, typesetting: Giraffebirbyuimumei ![Uta means Song and so this singer is literally named Song](https://i.imgur.com/tuIWhsh.png) Eagle-eyed viewers might notice that this episode is rather late going by our usual release schedule... In short, what happened was that a scheduling conflict prevented us from finishing on Sunday, and the editor is VERY busy on days that aren't Sundays. So it ended up taking another three days... Should hopefully just be a one-time thing. To avoid running into problems playing any of our releases, [please use mpv!](https://iamscum.wordpress.com/guides/videoplayback-guide/)

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  • [HatSubs] One Piece 1029 [A5567C72].mkv (1.4 GiB)
Wander haaaaaaaaat ![please make season 3](https://derpynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/wittow_wander_hat_by_mabiesison-d7m0j6u.png.jpeg)
oh nice, very nice :) - thank you!!
Oh well, what was I thinking. I guess I was overstepping my boundaries here and just released stuff with content you made with your names attached and even without even asking you beforehand if I am even allowed to do that. . Even jumping to conclusions you wouldn't do this episode because it was filler and then doing it myself. Editing episodes you might even do yourself later on, I don't know. I guess I got too excited editing episodes again even though I shouldn't spent so much time on it anyway. So I guess I better stop here. Nonetheless I am very grateful for you work on One Piece. It is great to see new quality releases every week.
You are... absolutely allowed to make your own releases as long as you don't claim to literally BE HatSubs. Like, I alluded to doing stuff pre-978... Said pre-978 stuff has progressed so slowly I can say absolutely nothing about when it may or may not see the light of day. Doing the full arc currently feels like QUITE the pipe dream.
Ah, thank you for the response. I will keep going then :) But I need to calm down a bit. Some scripts really take multiple hours after all.