[Cannonball] Xam'd: Lost Memories (Bounen no Xamdou) - 01 (BD 1080p) -- Revised and unfucked edition

2022-08-12 04:14 UTC
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Source: [karios], which is hideously bloated by not one but TWO flac audio tracks. I halved the file size by removing the English track and converting the Japanese track to 384k AAC. Special thanks: [Some-Stuffs] for inspiring me with their Utena release. Xam'd unfairly gets a bad rap for being confusing and I'm here to set the record straight with a long overdue TLC. The infamously nonsensical opening scene is actually a poem by Noriko Ibaragi, known for capturing the Japanese zeitgeist after their defeat in WW2, and aptly titled Soul. For those of you without big throbbing literary brains, it's a metaphor for the slavish, unrequited devotion shown by Japanese subjects to the Emperor of Japan. I'll include this stanza here for context since it's omitted from the show. まれに… (Seldomly...) 私は手鏡を取り (I hold up a hand-mirror) あなたのみじめな奴隷をとらえる (Which captures your wretched slave) いまなお〈私〉を生きることのない (A single youth of this country) この国の若者のひとつの顔が (One who even now lives not for himself) そこに (Whose countenance) 火をはらんだまま凍っている (Wavers between fire and ice) Now how does this apply to Xam'd? Watch carefully. - "ostentatious offerings" --> Hiruko gathered by the Jibashiri - The queen/emperor --> Sannova. I mean come on, she's literally sitting atop a throne and preparing to send children on suicide bombing missions. You can't make this shit any more obvious. - The speaker, a conflicted slave --> Nakiami, who is torn between loyalty to Sannova and the human cost of war. Think or be turned to stone!

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  • [Cannonball] Xam'd_Lost_Memories_Ep01_Xam'd_at_the_Dawn_of_War_[fb21f079].mkv (1.1 GiB)
Thanks. I will be following your releases.
I think my only memory of this series before today was watching the opening on (Crunchyroll? some bootleg streaming site?), thinking it seemed like a reference or quotation of some type, and being frustrated when a search just turned up results related to the anime. So my decidedly small, still brain is grateful for the context, I guess.
Arguably if the reason you made this is to let people enjoy the show, you should leave the flac in, or put a separate file as optional, or remux back in the original audio, which is DTS-HDMA i believe? A series with some of the best sounds around deserves to be watched and heard as best as it could be and some people have proper receivers or even decent soundbars that directly decode DTS-HDMA for that positional audio.
A proper version... Happy days. looking forwards to your future releases.
Ah.. no dub track.. 😞

Guncannon (uploader)

@riri0 [THORA] uses DTS and [karios] uses FLAC 5.1 audio. I went with [karios] because I watch anime on a computer and [THORA]'s audio has overly prominent background music. At any rate, the AAC encode still has 6 channels so it *theoretically* supports surround sound although whether it's hardware supported is another matter. @Nokou Short of dubbing it myself I cannot TLC English audio. If you want that then download one of the two aforementioned releases.
@Guncannon im still grabbing this, looks better than the other version i have, no complaints here, just saying..
how about " Misaki no Mayoiga" ?
Love to see more shows get love and care! Thanks!

Guncannon (uploader)

I'm seeding it now