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  • [HatSubs] One Piece 1028 [DDADFB6B].mkv (1.4 GiB)
Thanks again :) ! You are the best! Ever since you started I got the desire to have my whole OP collection HatSubs Styled. So I started to edit again. I wish I could go back into fan-subbing like back then, but fuck me... I really don't have the time anymore. I still decided to occasionally keep editing what I have... starting with ep 977 and Movie 1 Not sure if anyone cares, but I might occasionally drop something here. It is not on the level of HatSubs of course. ( I hope it doesn't offend your team or anyone else, if you don't want me doing that I will also stop ) 977+Movie1 preview: https://imgur.com/a/ufdpAKO mks-files should contain all attachments and chapters - One Piece 977 HatSubsStyled based on SubsPlease added chapters with recap modified a few signs, etc made it look as close to HatSubs as possible MKS: https://krakenfiles.com/view/jzD7O64qzV/file.html - One Piece Movie 1 based on ZetaRebel ( or Judas' reencode if you will ) https://nyaa.si/view/1268207 modified chapters a bit restyled one sign otherwise tried to make look as close to HatSubs as possible MKS: https://krakenfiles.com/view/OHO9OskQ6v/file.html Also edited... I mean raped the chapters of Hatsubs' BD version of episode 1000... made every characters short recap a separate chapter MKS: https://krakenfiles.com/view/sBBTQRuse9/file.html XML: https://krakenfiles.com/view/O2KGv39VrP/file.html ------------------------------------ Anyway, thanks for everything so far :) !
A hatless platypus? ... Perry the Platypus! ![Haaaaatypus](https://wallpapercave.com/wp/jp1Tetd.png)
^ Filler maybe I do it
Huh, so I did full treatment: - Fully HatSubs Styled - All extras fully edited - All songs styled - Full chapters ( including singling out every scene Ado sings ) [HatSubsNot] One Piece 1029 [ One Piece Film Red Prologue 1 ] [ SubsPlease ] remux the MKS-file with SubsPlease or whatever you prefer: https://krakenfiles.com/view/FEDKMjsLhE/file.html OR just download the full episode remuxed with ASW encode, everything included: https://krakenfiles.com/view/P5vJK814av/file.html You can do with it whatever you want - edit, remux, restyle, edit, release wherever.
You’re welcome! :)
Okay: One Piece 1029,1030,1031 will all be for OP Movie RED. (next weeks episode will probably come a few days later by me, because other real life things) So I noticed they released official OP RED AMV's... So I thought I collect them, and add translations, etc etc... So I noticed then there quite a lot of them... So I tried to get them all... So I noticed they haven't released all....... like tomorrow will be "Tot Musica" Anyway, not sure "how" I continue with it.... but here are these for now: ( I count 1031+1-? ) because 1031 is supposed to be the final episode of the Uta Prologue ) [HatSubsNot] One Piece 1031+1 [ One Piece Film Red - New Genesis ] [ YouTube ] - ( kinda just the song, but with full karaoke and chapters ) [HatSubsNot] One Piece 1031+2 [ One Piece Film Red - Blacklight ] [ YouTube ] ( full amv with translation) [HatSubsNot] One Piece 1031+3 [ One Piece Film Red - Fleeting Lullaby ] [ YouTube ] ( full amv with translation) [HatSubsNot] One Piece 1031+4 [ One Piece Film Red - I’m Invincible ] [ YouTube ] ( full amv with translation) [HatSubsNot] One Piece 1031+5 [ One Piece Film Red - The World’s Continuation [ YouTube ] ( full amv with translation) [HatSubsNot] One Piece 1031+6 [ One Piece Film Red - Tot Musica [ SongOnly ] ( AMV tomorrow ? ) [HatSubsNot] One Piece 1031+Bonus [ One Piece Film Red - Ado TV Opening Special ] [ YouTube ] ( no idea why it wasn't in the simulcast... ) Anyway, grab them if you want: https://krakenfiles.com/view/ZRqk0I8I50/file.html What am I thinking spending so much time on that....
Darn, 966 is a pain https://imgur.com/4Gi1E6W Not sure if I want to do something as elaborate as that again.
Pfffft, you think 966 is a pain? Try 957. Except maybe don't, because you will probably literally die. The sheer amount of pure concentrated EVIL in that episode's typesetting quite literally defies description. I mean, PHENOMENAL episode... But man is it the absolute undisputed Evil Typesetting King.
Heh - looking forward to it ^^ But... does that mean you work on pre 979 Wano episodes? I mean I could better work on other episodes if you work on older Wano anyway. Well, I don't know what you have planned ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Have only just the sudden urge at the moment to optimize my One Piece collection. I got a good amount of work done on 965-976 890-891 892-918 Fullmetal's leorio1009 BD ( timing is still off ) As well a lot of early 4:3 leorio-sofcj episodes I am not as much of an experienced veteran as you guys are so it will never be as good. Kinda just a long term goal to have at least a mostly consistent looking OP collection roughly using you fonts. And what seems worthwhile to share as well.
Probably I will make many ( older episodes ) less elaborate as well. Just made a short simple edit of 207-208. Most work was actually restoring and retiming the opening. 207-208 preview: https://imgur.com/a/af0V0Fe 207-208 download: - full chapters - proper opening - simple ending - simple restyling https://krakenfiles.com/view/fauz3FRFau/file.html https://krakenfiles.com/view/jxkQtRdYDM/file.html
@Lord_Starfish: Yeah I tried 957 and died xD Animations are always a pain in the ass and that one episode is like mega multiple animations rape deluxe. I prototyped a lot on Drake and it roughly works with some animation and looks okayish by now... https://imgur.com/yc49l2K But to be honest, even though it is possible to do it fully if you spent multiple days or sth working on it... ... this much work really reaches the point of diminishing returns. In the end I probably will make something like a universal template for all chars and add some unique colors or something. You know... I once made my own recut of Naruto... lots of hours, lots of work... and just when I started watching... Yellow-Flash kept dropped their versions, better in every way. So at least the trash bin was happy. So.... I don't want to kill myself over this project, considering there is a possibility someone else will drop better versions. I already spent more time on than I should have. At least I want to keep it as consistent as possible. For now back to real life work and other stuff.