[OZ-SkewedS] GeGeGe no Kitaro : The 1000 Year Cursed Song Teaser

2008-06-23 03:24 UTC
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**Order of Zeronos and Skewed Studios presents** **GeGeGe no Kitaro : The Thousand Year Cursed Song Teaser** _discuss this release [here](http://subs-scans.skewedstudios.com/forums/index.php?board=31.0)_ Video Info Resolution: 704x396 Length: 0:50 File Size: 7.86 Video Codec: h264 Audio Codec: AAC Language: Japanese Subtitles: English Hardsubbed it is suggested that you install [Combined Community Codec Pack](http://www.cccp-project.net/) to be able to watch this video. or use [VLC Player](http://www.videolan.org/vlc/) or [mplayer](http://www.mplayerhq.hu/) for playback Cast \* Kitaro: Eiji Wentz \* Kaede Hiramoto: Kii Kitano \* Nezumi-Otoko: Yo Oizumi \* Neko Musume: Rena Tanaka \* Sunakake Babaa: Shigeru Muroi \* Konaki Jijii: Kanpei Hazama \* Nurarihyon: Ken Ogata \* Nure Onna: Shinobu Terajima Links [Wiki](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ge_Ge_Ge_no_Kitaro) [Official Site](http://www.gegege.jp/) [Order of Zeronos Fansubbing](http://orderofzeronos.com) [Skewed Studios Fansubs and Scanlations](http://Subs-Scans.SkewedStudios.com) Credits Translator - HyperZeronos Everything else - zeldAIS first release of the joint project between Order of Zeronos and Skewed Studios. Episode 1 of Gegege no Kitaro 2007 anime coming very soon (currently at editing stage). We are also looking for interested people who wants to work for this project. We are currently looking for a Timer, Translation Checker, Editor and QC. If interested, email us at subsscans\[dot\]skewedstudios\[at\]gmail\[dot\]com if you can't wait - here is the sendspace link that is advised to be hotlinked everywhere - http://www.sendspace.com/file/59e290 If you find our releases useful, kindly consider donating - http://patreon.com/tl_skeweds/ | https://bit.ly/Donate_TL-SkewedS | https://ko-fi.com/tlskeweds

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