Amaetekuru Toshiue Kyoukan ni Yashinatte Morau no wa Yarisugi desu ka? [LN ~ v01]

2022-08-04 20:17 UTC
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![cover]( Title: Amaetekuru Toshiue Kyoukan ni Yashinatte Morau no wa Yarisugi desu ka? / Is It Too Much to Ask to Be Spoiled by an Older Instructor? Author: Kamizato Yamato Illustrator: Kobayashi Chisato Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi Translation: [Zetro Translations]( --- > “I shall provide for you from now onward…” I suddenly received a fervent love confession from my senior instructor!? When a demon tried to attack the instructor, I covered for her and got injured. But, she felt responsible and now was trying to provide for me…!? This is the story of my pampered life with my beautiful instructor. --- The translation was recently resurrected so I decided to post the first volume. This story is complete in 4 volumes + a web-only afterstory. Note: unsure about the English tl of the title, the raw is `甘えてくる年上教官に養ってもらうのはやり過ぎですか?` I don't like the translation used by the tl'r ( `Is It Too Much to Ask to Be Supported by a Spoiled Older Instructor?` ) By all means if you can read moon runes give your 2 cents

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Let's just say the "translator" is not competent. Anyway, the City Series is about to be completely translate soon, I hope you can make epubs for the remaining volumes too. I also hope you can compile the "Sunday Without God", "Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Itakoro......", "On a Godless Planet" and "Ochita Kuroi Yuusha no Densetsu" series. Thank you. It would be awesome if you did the 18+ series translated by js06 too.
Is It Too Much to Ask to Be Supported (& Spoiled) by a Beautiful Senior Instructor? i mean, does the Female lead has a spoiled (childish) trait to her? i dont get that from synopsis, but anyway here is my translation of it. idk if its better than the original one. cmiiw. hope you like it.

HowUnfortunate (uploader)

I'll mention about "On a Godless Planet"... The problem with that is, it looks like a "chat log" of sorts, it's full of emojis, stickers, or whatever you may call them. I kind of banged on a wall because I can't find a way to make that look decent. Hell, it looks like shit even on the baka-tsuki website (especially if you compare it with how it looks in the printed books)
Yeah, it's chat log style but I don't get what you mean by comparing it to the printed book. Isn't it pretty much the same with an icon next to the sentence? I think it's fine if you just use the same style as what they did on Baka-Tsuki.
Looking forward to City Series. Also, could you maybe consider Apotheosis of a Demon sometime down the line? It has no existing complete epub version that I can find.