Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody v17

2022-07-27 23:54 UTC
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Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody v17 [Yen Press]

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  • Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Volume 17.epub (11.5 MiB)
Thanks for the release!
Thanks for the release! As for this volume usual, zero editing oversight, and full of mistranslations/inconsistencies in this piss-poor "official" English release, just like in all the previous volumes before it. This is the reason why I've never paid for a single volume of this series, which I normally would have...if only it wasn't so sub-par. Some examples: "She-she-she/Si-si-si" the laugh of the weasel merchant is inconsistent, and wrong. Using proper Japanese to English romanization, it should all be "Shi-shi-shi". Both "reddish-blonde" and "strawberry-blonde" being used to describe for Sistina. Should have picked one like "strawberry-blonde", and stuck with it. The still incorrectly carried over mistranslation continues: "Larvae" that was left as is since the beginning of Nana's introduction that should have been "Young organisms". And the most glaring one starting in the Interlude Chapter: "A pretty blonde-haired woman in a dress ill-suited to travel called out from atop a mountain ridge, where she was peering far into the distance." The first half of the volume, they call Ten-chan, or "Sky" as they're calling her here, "Blonde". The 2nd half of the volume, they call her silver-haired. She only has one Homunculus it can't be both. This is an obvious mistranslation, likely mistaking "Kin" for "Gin"/Silver for Gold. I know there are a lot of silver and blonde-haired characters in this series, but this just tells me the translator doesn't give one shit about this series, when it's impossible not to notice these inconsistencies, and still not go back to correct them.