[Z4ST1N] Isekai Meikyuu de Harem wo (Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World) - 01 (Uncensored Web+TV 1080p Hi10P AAC)

2022-07-13 14:13 UTC
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995.6 MiB
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Everybody's favorite magic man is back! And I've got toys for all you good girls and boys. My full decensoring suite is finally available and [oh boy is she THICC.](https://github.com/kgrabs/zzfunc#tvdecensor) She's positively STACKED with both [full and intra-frame decensoring](https://slow.pics/c/OdzmSGG3) settings and debug modes just oozing out of her. And no need to be shy if you're having trouble gettin' it up (and running), just swing on by one of the usual spots and shoot ol' papa Z a dm and he'll talk you through it. And jokes aside if you actually have an issue or an idea for another debug mode by all means open one on github And find even more encoding magic [here!](https://github.com/Irrational-Encoding-Wizardry/) There's even a discord server which you're allowed to join if you're an encoder by asking someone for the link (idk why its not linked in the github but that's probably for the best or maybe I just can't find it thank god someone invited me) **Edit (special guest appearance!):** HatsOffOctopus **Encode, shitty TS:** Zastin Enjoy and don't forget to say something nice in the comments [DLL](https://drive.google.com/u/0/uc?id=1rqcR2HHAoTUFlQTRpE9Onf57WbCxrb0i&export=download)

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  • [Z4ST1N] Isekai Slave Harem - 01 [F0912A42].mkv (995.6 MiB)

Zastin (uploader)

DLL in description for now [ATX / WEB / Decensor comparison](https://slow.pics/c/OdzmSGG3) Get decensor() [here](https://github.com/kgrabs/zzfunc) and more Vapoursynth stuff [here](https://github.com/Irrational-Encoding-Wizardry/)
i love shitty TS
lol i'm surprised they censored most of those

Zastin (uploader)

god says no ahegao before marriage
More like AT-X says "please also censor this and that, even if it seems excessive. More censorship may help push more people into paying to watch in our channel". I wouldn't be surprised if AT-X asks to have as much censorship as possible to make their uncensored version more desirable
Honestly, most of those are so blatantly low effort (not that genuine censorship deserves effort) it's almost funny. I'd almost watch this just to laugh at how bad the censoring job is.
this is not dropable right ?
Do you plan on doing DanMachi s4?
You're dropping this halfway through, right? I'm not expecting you to finish this trash.

Zastin (uploader)

@periffery maybe @periffery ill keep doing it until the TS load crushes my balls
something nice in the comments