[Commie] Call of the Night - 01 [7856E2DB].mkv

2022-07-08 19:05 UTC
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  • [Commie] Call of the Night - 01 [7856E2DB].mkv (564.6 MiB)
Impeccable taste, and I say that sincerely.
herkz can't stop being based lately
Wich source btw ?
Any chance that you might finish Pretty boy detective club I need closure. Thanks for the release.
https://slow.pics/c/U737nePB yeah, this encode is absolutely ruined.
interesting to see commie using warpsharp in 2022
>Any chance that you might finish Pretty boy detective club I need closure. Thanks for the release. no one has uploaded the last few BDs so i can't as for the encode, i sadly didn't have much time to spend on it due to the streaming delays. guess i need to tweak it for episode 2.
did you even look at it? Why rush that hard
well it's mostly one filter i used is too strong on some scenes but works well on others. so i probably just need to lower the strength a bit. anyway i'll 99% v2 episode 1 for the batch anyway due to styling the OP eventually and most likely using a better video source when it becomes available.
Time to fall in love with a vampire?
i love this guy
\> no noitamina intro Top 5 anime betrayals
https://slow.pics/c/EaHdku4n came up with something better in under a minute
yes but as you know i am bad at encoding so it takes me far longer
@Aergia sneedmux it pussy
Encoding isn't an important part of the fansubbing process anyway
> @Aergia sneedmux it pussy i dont even know wtf this show is nor do i care about it
Impressive how this actually managed to be worse than Hidive
Dunno people who commented later are blind or not. They literally said there will be a V2. And encoding isn't an important part of fansubbing process anyway (2).
yeah i already fixed the filtering quite a bit but i wanna see if other video sources end up being better before i do another encode
good shit, I'll subscibe to you blog as thanks ๐Ÿ‘


certified HIDIVE moment
it's fine it happens, thanks for the release.
tripliner at ~16:18
>tripliner at ~16:18 checked both mpc-hc/vsftiler and mpv/libass and it's two lines in both for me. even checked on my phone for shits and giggles and it's still two lines. perhaps you have some weird version of the dialogue font installed that's overriding what's included.
looks like it's either that or some issue with whichever subtitle renderer plex uses for transcoding (had to transcode due to poor connection)
Is this simuledit or OTL? Why did you stop getting translators?
>Is this simuledit or OTL? Why did you stop getting translators? how do you know so little about fansubbing but act like you do? you're easily one of the strongest cases of the dunning-kruger effect i've ever seen.
Thanks herkz good taste. Also anyone blaming him for the encode he at least said heโ€™s bad at it, what else can a guy do?
Any plans for The Devil is a Part-Timer S2?
What do you mean? I don't claim to know a lot. I just asked a simple question regarding the quality of the subs.
@Dattebayo_13, Chihiro has picked it up.
whether it's an original translation or a simulcast edit has no correlation to the quality.