Inuyasha 001 [BD-Remux 1080p][DTS-HD MASTER CAT.ESP.JAP][+Subs][US-OP-SP-BD]

2022-07-07 00:37 UTC
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Hello every one this the the 1st episode in inuyasha I used The Spain BD release because it has a better Quality with the opening from The Us BD release without re-encoding. i want every one to tell what do they think of this release and if anyone ready to help me to retime the English subtitles I will only work on the episodes that removed the opening and the ending from the Spain release. ^_^WAITING FOR YOUR RESPONSE ^_^

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  • Inuyasha 001 [BD-Remux 1080p][DTS-HD MASTER CAT.ESP.JAP][+Subs][USOP-ESPBD].mkv (3.4 GiB)
This makes me feel funny in my pants.

ghost1991 (uploader)

@Krycek7o2 what do you mean??
I think you're better off just waiting for the UK BD to come out fully instead of trying to splice two worse releases together. It's just going to take a while at the speed they're going - the first box (27 episodes) came out last year and the second one isn't even officially announced yet...

ghost1991 (uploader)

@Darkonius where can i download the 1st box to see it ?
@ghost1991 I'm not sure, I don't have the RAWs myself. If I had to guess, they're probably on U2. And if not, I'm almost certain that BDMVs or an encode will appear sooner or later (probably more likely once it's fully released). Fabre did a comparison of the various Western BD sets, and concluded that the UK one is the best of the bunch, fixing all the problems of the previous BD efforts. The Italian one is a close second but that one's currently incomplete as well. Of course the Japanese set that recently came out is not an option since it's cropped to 16:9 with the 4:3 versions of episodes in 480p on an SDBD.

ghost1991 (uploader)

@Darkonius yes i watch this before but how much time we have to wait until now i didn't see any release from UK BD here not even one episode
@ghost1991 Only Anime Ltd./AllTheAnime can tell you when they're going to release the rest of their BDs (apparently there's going to be an announcement soon-ish, at least according to their twitter), and with rips you just have to hope that one shows up, like it does with most other shows. Either that or you end up buying it yourself. Sadly patience is your only real option with this, but at least it's going to be better quality than a splice or any of the other BDs.