[SubsPlease] Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai S3 - 12 (1080p) [D886B0EE].mkv

2022-06-24 16:31 UTC
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  • [SubsPlease] Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai S3 - 12 (1080p) [D886B0EE].mkv (1.4 GiB)
Isn't this supposed to be a double episode?
CR split it into 2 different episodes
you can't be serious CRUNCHYROLL
why would it be a big deal though the chapters are clearly well split and ep 13 adapts a whole mini-arc
because you should release them how it is in the TV god damn it and it's also more annoying to download because more people are split on the seeding etc like it's not even fucking consistent! They did Rezero Episode 1 just fine! Why did they choose it like this?
good news: https://nyaa.si/view/1545544
>like it’s not even fucking consistent! They did Rezero Episode 1 just fine! Why did they choose it like this? you mean S1 Ep 1? that's also split on their website
@ardybandy not "good news"... do you see the fucking seed ratio? @matheousse at this point fuck crunchyroll
it's not CR fault guys
AKSCHUALLY it must be funimation fault
@12049774024071240, I mean there is the 13th episode.
yeah but the seed ratio is bad anyways... now I'm relaxed again. sorry but I'm just getting mad at illogical choices.
Seed ratio seed ratio, for real it takes 2 minutes instead of 45 second to download, calm down.
@ SubsPlease you might want to update your website, you are still listing anime series that finished almost a month ago wondering if I should find a different group to get my anime from................................................................................
My God I can't believe people complain about seed ratio here..
> wondering if I should find a different group to get my anime from… lmao my free anime service is not doing what I want _REEEEE!_
On the other side of the RAW fence, we're eating popcorn over here.
The epìspode has OP and ED. That is too much work for CR. My guess is the airing was just episodes 12 and 13 one after the other (this matches some sources reporting an episode 13 existing before the confirmation of the double length airing today) and they gave the episodes to CR separate. Thus, CR can't combine them This means the episodes will probably be seaprate in BDs too and the double lenght airing was just a mini marathon so they wouldn't go into the summer season. instead of being a single longer episode
subsplease's bots we're not equipped to handle 2 eps apparently. im waiting for delete aniplex regardless
love all the idiots complaining about CR when they just stream this show for aniplex (who are actually doing extremely stupid shit constantly)
...actually Bstation has released both ep 12 & 13 at same time :)
a true egoist wouldn't be upset at cr, he would cap the episodes from iptv himself. or maybe he would produce his own anime...
based cr vs virgin nyaa bros


Well, the official site lists it as episode 13: https://kaguya.love/story/ and from what I can see each episode has its own separate credit segment. I'm not sure that it's really the fault of Aniplex, it may have been intended by the creators themselves. I guess we'll see how Japanese streaming services approach it, whether they'll use the singular TV episode or separate it into two. I'd go with what bassgs435 said. It seems much more likely compared to the overused "Aniplex is incompetent", even though they are a lot of the time.
here we go again, catching a separate episode randomly
Where is the full version of the episode?


AnimeChap has a combined episode, otherwise you can just get the next part from Erai-raws.