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2022-06-20 01:37 UTC
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Final episode. Filling in for Arche who won't be able to release this week. Rush job, untouched timing from JP captions, rough script, no editing, not using my usual tag for this one, speedsub is definitely not my thing. But this should suffice until Wednesday when official subs for the last episode arrive. [Softsubs](https://mega.nz/folder/uwoWxAbQ#DYQLHGyb1L4M9fTjo2liXQ)

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  • [ThatDarnCat] Black Rock Shooter - Dawn Fall - 12 [1080p].mkv (1.1 GiB)
>Sorry guys I got in a fight with my parents so no translation this time, I know it's the finish line but I just don't feel like it >My dad wanted to know why I've been spending all of my Sundays inside on the computer so I told him I've been doing translation work. Then he asked "How much do you get paid?" and I told him I don't get paid so he called me a fucking loser and said that I'm gonna starve to death on the streets one day. I think if I spend another Sunday on the computer, he's gonna come try and beat my ass so I'm skipping this time around. lmfaooooo

Anonyneko (uploader)

As a matter of fact, I got similarly teased by my grandparents when they learned I do "translations for free", though thankfully our relationship is cordial enough for it to go no further than teasing. That said, they're actual professional translators among other things, with literary translation being a very lucrative career in their days in that particular country, so it's somewhat understandable as to why they were befuddled.


Thank you for the translation.
it's nice you are so honest with the old man, so is he.
what a dark sunday, I wasn't able to finish my translation, I uploaded it before leaving to visit my dog at the hospital he passed away and I wasn't in the mood to finish the job
Thank you and ^ shut the fuck up
Luckily my parents have long since resigned themselves to my degeneracy and have taken to leaving 40 lb bags of kibbles originally intended for a German Shepherd at the top of the stairs leading to the basement whenever my supply runs out so they don't have to interact with me. That allows me to avoid thorny questions like "Why are you translating Miku's Tight Little Body for free??" and "You used to be such a cute little kid. Where did it all go wrong?"

Anonyneko (uploader)

If anything's consistent with this show, it's comment threads on nyaa going places.
Banger comments from guncannon are a given.
Arche being a beta, just beat the fuck up out of your dad lmao