[Leijiverse] Ganbare Douki-chan Special

2022-06-19 16:43 UTC
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Translated from the original Japanese dub to English. Sincerely, I did it first to Hungarian, got it checked then made the English version out of the checked Hungarian one - so might not be more of an eligible translation. But you can tell me otherwise, I’m all ears. Also this was made by per request from the comment section under Tawawa S2 Special, where I answered as "I'll give it a try, but won't make any promises." Now, here it is. Douki-chan is a little stressed about the social inequality when it comes to cup sizes. You know, which is the best way to drink a tea? A cup? A bigger glass? Maybe a mug? Or directly from the kettle? You can take a guess. “The Leijiverse Club” fansub branch is a casual child project of the Hungarian fansub team, Ricz/Ronin Factories. Originally, it’s just a MAL group (link below) where the idea came from for some projects. TL: Ricz TLC: Dottris Proofreader: Vincent Harkonnen Come by now and then: https://myanimelist.net/clubs.php?cid=422 Or you can track us on: https://lair.riczroninfactories.eu/

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Ricz (uploader)

@WizarD Bratan, I got you there. Sorry for the wait and thank you for your patience.
Cool stuff, thanks for the sub.
You didn't properly mask the text in the background at 4:11

Ricz (uploader)

@loocool2 Ah, yeah. The clip doesn't follow. Nevertheless, once the Hungarian release will be done, this gets a re-release for other reasons too.