Super Nintendo (SNES) US, EU & JP (TRANSLATED) ROM Collection

2022-06-16 01:57 UTC
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![image]( This was a lot more work then I thought it would be. It did not go as smoothly as the NES collection, but it's also because I added something extra for you guys. Now, I know the official numbers are 721 for the US, with 34 exclusives for Europe. Well, screw those numbers cause I I could not find 721 for USA. Most list either have double entries or have some military training simulator, or the freaking SuperScope as a separate entry. And as for the Europe exclusives, I have 47? Well, not exactly. Some of the ROMs for the USA version were corrupted, so I used ROMs from Europe. It still doesn't add up and I ended the collection with 6 extra games. How? No clue, I stopped caring after the 3 or 4th list. But here's what really took a lot of time: I went and found (what I hope are) all the fully translated Japanese ROMs. That's 208 games right there, and some of them are really, really good. About half of them are JRPGs or SRPGs, so enjoy. Now, I can't actually promise that there are all 100% translated all the way to the end, cause I didn't finish all these games. Huge shout-out to, where I got the list for all known fully translated games (even though the list has a few entries that are actually wrong, like Captain Tsubasa III and Wizardry I-III, who do not have working translations), and where I got the patches for the Japanese ROMs. The patches are already applied to the ROMs, so you don't have to do anything. The ones with version numbers at the end I found already patched, while the rest I patched myself. So, enjoy this collection. I can't call it "complete" because I'm not certain it is, but I doubt you'll find anything better any time soon. Just as last time just one copy per game*, all tested to be working. *there are a few games that I included as both official USA/EU ROMs and translated JP ROMs. For example, TwinBee - Rainbow Bell Adventure was gutted in the official EU release (story and gameplay removed), but I still kept the EU version.

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Appreciate the effort and thank you for doing the heavy lifting of applying all the translation patches. I'll be adding this to my collection as I've not dug into applying any translation patches to my SNES library.
You are doing the lord's work. Thank you so much for taking the time to make such a complete collection and even testing to make sure all the roms work. You are amazing!

DmonHiro (uploader)

Well, I consider the SNES era to be one of the best ever, and that's not the nostalgia speaking. I didn't even HAVE a SNES. Some of the games here are incredibly addicting. Example: Magical Pop'n. An extremely cute game with really great animations that's basically a fusion of Super Metroid and Sonic the Hedgehog. Game only has 6 stages. But you'll wanna kill yourself in stage 5, which is a maze. And if you make it to the last stage you WILL kill yourself when you realize that stage 5 had a maze with around 15 rooms, while stage 6 has one with 53. Why? Because fuck you, that's why.
Only care for DKC2 ty.
your pfp fits, looks like you just sacrificed yourself and the light is taking you

DmonHiro (uploader)

Gonna be honest... it was fun doing it. To test that each ROM actually works I played a few minutes of the entire English SNES library.
Thanks, gonna play it on android soon^
Great work and thanks!!!! Kinda crazy how small games were back then! You could fit all of this on an old 2-4GB USB. Nowadays, You need freaking External HDDs and Multiple HDDs just to back up games XD

DmonHiro (uploader)

For anyone reading this, I will be doing a v2 for this torrent to include all Japanese games as well. It just feels incomplete.