[BlueSilverSect] Tunshi Xingkong - Swallowed Star | 039 | (1080p) | Better Subs | [x265]

2022-06-13 10:00 UTC
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# __Tunshi Xingkong - Episode 039 (Better Subs)__ ##### WeTV hasn't released "official subs" yet. Improved subtitles of AnimeXin with corrections by __@tlh1138__. ___ ### __Subtitles__ __5 Subtitles that appear on top of the Chinese subs:__ - Open Sans --> Font used by "HorribleSubs" - Roboto --> Font used by "SubsPlease" - Century Gothic --> Font used by "9ANIME" - Angie --> Font used in "Douluo Dalu" - Sansation --> Font used in "Tunshi Xingkong" __5 Subtitles that hides the Chinese subs:__ - English Overlay (01) --> Open Sans - English Overlay (02) --> Roboto - English Overlay (03) --> Century Gothic - English Overlay (04) --> Angie - English Overlay (05) --> Sansation __Extra's:__ - Subtitle corrections by __@tlh1138__! - Added lyrics for the opening and ending theme. - Longer lines have been split into two lines for a more preferable reading. - The subs' duration has been extended so you can read a little longer. - The English Overlay subs don't reach the watermark anymore. ___ ## __Qualification__ __THIS TORRENT QUALIFIES AS A RED ENTRY__ - Reupload of the original release using non-original file names. - Reupload of the original release with missing and/or unrelated additional files. __THIS TORRENT QUALIFIES AS A GREEN ENTRY__ - Torrents uploaded by trusted users. - Though it’s not green, I am fortunately NOT a troller or shitposter!

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_The months of waiting are finally over~!_ Thanks.
🌸.(´◡`)🌸. Thanks
Frist, greatly appreciated V for your upload and also thanks @tlh1138 for your contribution into this upload. You're the best source to goes to for watching Chinese Anime by English speaking community. Again thanks BlueSilverSect as a whole.