[Zerocool] fist of the north star movie post corona virus

2022-06-11 00:34 UTC
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I bet you didnt know that fist of the north star actually takes place after the end of the corona virus pandemic, did ya? After russian launched nukes on ukrane and china genocided Taiwan papa trump re-won the presidency in 2024. Ordering nuclear strikes to wipe china and russia and the street shitters in india off the map. It worked, but then the nuclear fall out made it all go to shit. And thus fist of the north star was born! Enjoy this remux of the discotek bluray, with the digital audio from the streamline dub's laserdisc release, and the jpn audio from the bluray. And remember, what makes a man isnt the power in his hands, his quest for glory, or giving it all to fight to the top. What makes a man is the woman in his arms, just cause she has big titties.

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  • Fist of the North Star (1986).zerocool.postRona.mkv (18.6 GiB)
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Way to go with harassing your supporters pal
Anyone interested in why use LD audio here is the reason: I assume the Discotek Blu-Ray uses the LD or some other master audio source, but uses a heavy EQ filter to try and make it sound crisper. Well this doesn't work and it leaves very mediocre results. Sound effects lose a lot of the bass and impact they originally had, audio peaks constantly, and it sounds very unnatural in general. Comparisons: LD https://streamable.com/yol7bu Blu-Ray https://streamable.com/c09pft