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2022-06-02 22:39 UTC
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Timed for NanDesuKa release (https://nyaa.si/view/1536143) Sorry for the delay. I'm not sure if I'll be able to upload new translations at the old time window, but I'll try to, very low chance for that tho. It shouldn't be THAT late next time, because this particular episode had more dialogue than usual and it didn't have OP/ED. Notes: At 1:49, "that 1-2-3 guy" is a reference to real life professional shogi player Katou Hifumi, whose name's kanji spelling contains numbers 1-2-3. (加藤 一二三) At 13:40, the shogi board shows the King piece jumping two squares, which is an illegal move, showcasing the lack of logic behind Sasaki's attempt at avoiding the topic.

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You the goat bruh
I am bit confused, is there some other source that are releasing Episodes with subs? Because I seen a reaction mashup of the latest episode of Komi san with multiple reactors(Those who dont know Japanese so they are probably watching subs)

truello (uploader)

@Eobard Yes, there's AnimoTVSlash, they release episodes the earliest on their own site, but they simply put the Japanese subs from NanDesuKa's release into some MTL engine with, I guess, no proof-reading, resulting in the worst translation quality + they don't translate signs. There's NekoYu too, but they release subs later than me. There are also non-English translators. (Chinese subs came out about an hour before this torrent)
AnimoTVSlash are just the worst. They've been banned several times here for having a watermark in their hardsubs (what is this? The early 2000s?) On top of that they seem to shill their release badly on animetosho, putting down the rest and gets fighty with the users there, their website is full of crappy adbee links, etc I'm pretty disappointed this seems to also be the subs taken by some of those random streaming sites