Arctic Animation's Kimagure Orange Road (1991, VHS fansub)

2022-05-25 18:44 UTC
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![kor]( *Note: This rip is presented for historical preservation - please do not actually try to watch the show at this quality.* Thanks to Mamo-chan from Live-Evil, I got my hands on some of Arctic Animation's original Kimagure Orange Road VHS fansubs! I made a rip of Episode 1, 47, and 48 - I'd apologize for my sub-par ripping skills, but I don't think there's anything I could've done that would've made these episodes look worse. The only thing I did was try and re-sync the audio and video, and I think I succeeded; but other than that, this is as raw as it gets. Again, thanks to Mamo-chan for providing a copy of his original tapes, and happy birthday to Madoka Ayukawa!

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Ayukawa Madoka 4ever!!! ^_^
Why do you mean by "historical preservation"? I'm a huge fan Kimagure Orange Road, have laserdiscs, VHS, dvd, uploads, original goodies... And Madoka Ayukawa is the number 1 for me... But what's the point of this upload here, i don't get it. If you rip something, it's no more historical, only the original VHS is... Live-Evil did a pretty good job for his previous upload, what do you want to do here, can you explain? Oh, and Happy Birthday Ayukawa :)

darkcart (uploader)

I think it's important for other people to be able to see these episodes, even if they don't own the original tapes - that's what historical preservation is, because the alternative is letting this stuff completely fade away.

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ur face is mid
...Yeh... I mean... Kimagure Orange Road anime is a bliss. The music, the content, the story, the 80-90 vibe, the beautiful art from Akemi Takada, the animation retrospectively... I still remember the feeling when i watched on TV in the 90'... And i frequently rewatch it. And thanks for the share here for people who don't know it... But uploading those episodes with this quality isn't historical preservation, and the alternative isn't to let it fade away. You just put a bad rip with good intent, and it's not really a good way to present it, not because of the quality, but because you have better ways to show people how good this was and preserve it... (Talking, Blog, Reddit, Youtube...) Doing it like this is nice, but it's like if you did a cam-rip, you miss the point. It's like if you was a lover of the Joconde, then posting a photo took from it with your smartphone... You rush things here. If you want to preserve it and helping people discover it, don't upload things like that... Propose clips on youtube, explain why it was really good in the 90' and the fact you must watch it on a 4:3 TV to fully appreciate it because it was made for this format, share websites that can provide original content, talk about Akemi Takada or Izumi Matsumoto, put link about them or found convention where they are (i encounter Matsumoto in 2014, at Japan expo for example...), talk about the manga...
Ripping is not a good way to preserve it, and sharing bad rip is never the answer to bring back good memories and letting people know how good was this anime. If you lack material and want sources, i really recommend ebay for the laser discs from the anime (the better quality for it), and for any goodies, like original posters, also laser discs, VHS... Of course it's only in Japanese most of the time, but as a fan, it's priceless. Anyway, i don't bother you further. Thanks for sharing for others. Check if you don't know, i really obtain great original merchandise from Japan directly for KOR, and VHS are still available.
You're inKORrect
@mayukawa The point of this torrent wasn't to preserve the anime - even more so considering there's already plenty of BD rips available. The point of this was to preserve the Artic Animation's fansubs. And ripping it is very much the best way to do that, since the only other option is letting them stay on VHS and deteriorate until they're unplayable and lost. Ripping them to a digital format is the best way to preserve and share this.
Thanks for sharing this piece of history
>Ripping is not a good way to preserve it lmao
@mayukawa gj blatantly shilling some noname middleman site for exporting overpriced JP BDs
Thanks for the share! I still got my Kimagure Orange Road and Maison Ikkoku fansubs tapes...
@mayukawa the mediums you mentioned will either become obsolete or destroyed, whichever comes first. So good luck "preserving" those copies of yours. Cherish it while it lasts.
Once upon a time I had the whole series on VHS among others... threw them away about five years ago because they just took space. I actually watched them once though, KOR and Maison Ikkoku as well...
This is literally a relic. Appreciate it. I didn't download this (yet) but I don't believe OP's intention was to preserve the anime. It was to preserve the fansubbed version of the anime itself. It's a neat little time capsule showing what fansubbed anime during the '80s/90s era looked like. Even though it won't be accurate. It'd be more accurate to watch it on a CRT with the original VHS but obviously, only a handful of people would do that. And I don't think anyone is crazy enough to use this torrent to introduce Kimagure Orange Road to someone. That'd be just a bad joke considering a remastered version exists and is readily available both legally and illegally.