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A curious little game/app where you can dress up the two main heroines from WHITE ALBUM2 and "train" them and so on A very barebones, frankly low quality attempt by Aquaplus to cash in on the mobile game trend, and the lack of quality and content in general explains why this app died quickly, being taken off stores by 2016 As such, this app is old and may not even work on some modern phones (it failed to launch on my Poco X3 for example; Most likely runs only on Android 9 and lower) Not much to it either way And yet there's a strange kind of charm to it, I suppose Really I just wanted more Kazusa after going through the WHITE ALBUM2 VN and couldn't get her out of my head ![alt text][logo] [logo]: https://i.imgur.com/enXfnq3.png "Cute tsun maid" (The little bits of dialogue here is all voiced, including the above, which is nice) Uploading here just in case there's another weirdo like me who would be interested in it and has an old enough device to run it I've modified the APK included here to unlock the in-app purchases by default, as you can't actually get any of them legally anymore How-to: Install APK Copy Android folder to /sdcard/ Run the app and MAYBE it'll start (Most likely requires Android 9 or lower) Direct download: https://mega.nz/file/lhlCxaoD#wDJ369c2LdJRmpNfHAorahASzlrUfqOoyJpwzCftsio (No guarantees on how long this link will last)

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Couldn't agree more, even i want more of Kazusa XD Thanks for the share
Thanks, you are not a weirdo, i keep these so they are not lost to time.

starjet (uploader)

You're welcome, folks Just being able to get tsundere reactions from Kazusa gives this a little bit of value if nothing else I hope to keep it from being lost to time myself, but it's going to be difficult since it's looking like this won't run on anything with Android 10 or higher (I've got a couple of older devices myself but these are going to be less and less available with time)
Brochacho, can you put it up on Mega or anything like that? I can't torrent these days :(

starjet (uploader)

DDL link added to description (No guarantees on how long this link will last)