[Zerocool] dragon ball z tvsp 1 & 2 FUNimation EDITED

2022-05-20 01:23 UTC
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Its a vhs cap, that wasnt done my a fucking retard that thinks its ok to bit starve vhs caps or overly compress audio. Fun fact, the audio mix on these was only released these vhs tapes. Yes they were shown edited on toonami, but they had to take out some songs for license reasons. And while the uncut audio will have those songs it'll have different dialog. So without GOOD caps of these two retail vhs tapes you are fucked like an alter boy if you wanna see this specific mix. But since these exist you're only fucked like a sorority pledge on homecoming weekend. Now if you excuse me I have an immigrant to inseminate.

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  • PenisKiss
    • dbz tvsp 1 edited.avi (5.0 GiB)
    • dbz tvsp 2 edited.avi (5.2 GiB)
>Now if you excuse me I have an immigrant to inseminate. thank you for doing your part in making white genocide a reality
Why would you produce more undersized hellsprog? That's how nyaa users are born.
@PeePeePooPoo69 Could you do some of us a solid and seed this torrent https://nyaa.si/view/1474345 I know about 5 people have gotten to 96.6%, but it's been 3 months now and it would be like getting raped by a really hot chick if you could finish us off... wait... you know what I mean. Please seed for maybe 24 hours since I can't download while I work. Thanks for these edited DBZ Specials, I'm seeding them for a while, and I'll seed that other torrent for at least a month to make sure everyone has a chance to finish downloading.
I just realized that another torrent I was trying to get is from you https://nyaa.si/view/1472427 Please seed that one too if you can. I haven't been able to download any of it though. Again I will seed for at least a month & up to 3 months.

PeePeePooPoo69 (uploader)

I dont have those files anymore. Sorry
Someone else has uploaded the rest of that first torrent I mentioned. Thank you whoever it was. I'll be seeding in case anyone wants it. That really sucks that you no longer have that 2nd torrent. I would have really liked to have that. But thanks for replying to my request and for uploading such nice things. I'll keep trying to download that 2nd torrent for a couple of years in case someone decides to seed it one day.

PeePeePooPoo69 (uploader)

Someone is going to re-cut the hd webdl to match up with the second one.
The audio from the second one will be included in our movie release. And no I do not have the original file anymore either, just the audio.
Thanks for letting me know. I will still be trying to download that 2nd torrent for the next couple of years in case anyone starts seeding it since I really like watching the videos from VHS captures as long as the video isn't complete garbage.