[Commie] Space Dandy - Volume 6 [BD 720p AAC]

2022-05-12 04:10 UTC
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You're cruising with these, keep it up herkz
Herkz, is it true that Bishounen and Vanitas were simuledits and not OTL? Also, in your Attack on Titan release you used the word irregardless, which is not a word. Don't use it again.
Is this also simuledit? Get translators ffs.
>OTL in 2022
There's like 1 active translator in commie and he mostly does lyrics I think? This show is edited by Herkz who knows some Japanese so it's better than all the releases shat out so far in all these years. I don't remember if this was an OTL back in the day. Unfortunately they don't have the old staff credits anymore.


Herkz, is it true that I'm the big gay?
Herkz is it true that Commie has based taste?
what happened to "Summer Time Rendering" ?
@Aryma it is currently been rendered
>Also, in your Attack on Titan release you used the word irregardless, which is not a word. Don’t use it again. lol i didn't even work on that. i'll be sure to tell the editor though even though i haven't seen him in like 5 years. >Is this also simuledit? Get translators ffs. why? do you think that automatically makes the subs better? i can assure you it doesn't, especially in the case of something like vanitas which has great official subs. on the other hand, bishounen tanteidan had horrible official subs but there are few translators insane enough to volunteer to translate anything written by nisio.
https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/irregardless Try googling once next time btw.
I do agree that using "irregardless" is, at best, irredeemable.
@Interruptor, it says it's nonstandard.
@herkz, yes, OTL is better than simuledit.
Oh, so you used the Monogatari font because it's written by the same person.
>yes, OTL is better than simuledit i'm sure you're speaking from your years of experience as a fansubber here