[Pikari-Teshima] Fruits Basket -prelude- VOSTA & VOSTFR [BD 1920x1080 x.265 10bits PCM].mkv

2022-05-11 20:21 UTC
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### **The Story of Kyoko and Katsuya** **Synopsis de l'anime :** > Tooru Honda has always been fascinated by the story of the Chinese Zodiac that her beloved mother told her as a child. However, a sudden family tragedy changes her life, and subsequent circumstances leave her all alone. Tooru is now forced to live in a tent, but little does she know that her temporary home resides on the private property of the esteemed Souma family. Stumbling upon their home one day, she encounters Shigure, an older Souma cousin, and Yuki, the "prince" of her school. Tooru explains that she lives nearby, but the Soumas eventually discover her well-kept secret of being homeless when they see her walking back to her tent one night. Things start to look up for Tooru as they kindly offer to take her in after hearing about her situation. But soon after, she is caught up in a fight between Yuki and his hot-tempered cousin, Kyou. While trying to stop them, she learns that the Souma family has a well-kept secret of their own: whenever they are hugged by a member of the opposite sex, they transform into the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. With this new revelation, Tooru will find that living with the Soumas is an unexpected adventure filled with laughter and romance. ![alt text](https://pikariteshima.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/302341.jpg) **Genres :** Drama, Romance **Theme :** Love Polygon **Season :** Spring 2022 (Aired: Feb 18, 2022) **Studios :** TMS Entertainment **Demographic:** Shoujo **Duration :** 1h28 **Rating:** PG-13 - Teens 13 or older *** ![alt text]( http://pikariteshima.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Bannière.jpg "Bannière") N'hésitez pas à rejoindre notre Discord : [Pikari-Teshima](https://discord.gg/yqtTFmH) N'hésitez pas à follow notre Twitter : [Pikari-Teshima](https://twitter.com/PikariTeshima) Et venez faire un tour sur notre site : [Pikari-Teshima](https://pikariteshima.com/) *** ### **Information concernant la vidéo :** | Définition : | Sous-titres : | Format de l'audio : | Langue des sous-titres : | | ----------------|------------------|---------------------------| ---------------------------| | 1920x1080 | Softsub | PCM | Français / English (Pikari-Teshima) | ### **Petite information utile :** * If you want to watch our releases in optimal comfort, we advise you to use VLC or MPC * This is our first time to do this kind of activity and release in English, so please bear with us a little. And feel free to edit or even correct this .ass * Big news: [Pikari-Teshima's Twitter](https://twitter.com/PikariTeshima/status/1525511128578662401)

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  • [Pikari-Teshima] Fruits Basket -prelude- VOSTA & VOSTFR [BD 1920x1080 x.265 10bits PCM].mkv (3.2 GiB)
"Correct this ass in English".
On ne recommande plus le despair codec pack?
Btw, I'm not gay, but Katsuya Honda is fucking hot.
@DmonHiro ... I agree and I’m also not gay.. lol
And that vocal performance was fantastic, especially when he told the parents off.
Thank you so much for the English subs!!! <3

PikariTeshimaFansub (uploader)

Thx everyone!
Thanks for the English sub! Just need to recode it to a normal format :).