[Team ONIBE] Aqours ONLINE LoveLive! ~LOST WORLD~ [BD 1080p]

2022-05-07 04:25 UTC
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### [Team ONIBE] Aqours ONLINE LoveLive! ~LOST WORLD~ [BD 1080p] Time flies when you have nowhere to go, huh? It’s a little late, but we’re proud to present Aqours’ first online concert, LOST WORLD! This live was designed to celebrate Aqours’ journey through their first five years together. Enjoy some of your favorite songs from years past, as well as the debut of many new ones. And as always, we’ve subbed the included “Making of” video, which covers the rehearsals leading up the LOST WORLD and some of the backstage happenings from Day 2! Here’s hoping we can see you in person at another Aqours concert sometimes soon! Note: While the original Blu-ray had performances, flashbacks, and pre-live announcements altogether on Disc 2, we've split those sections up into their own video file for easier access. The standalone files below also have a full unsplit version of the Disc 2 subs if you'd prefer to use that. This is a non-profit fan translation. If you enjoyed it, please support Love Live! and Aqours by buying the official Blu-ray if possible. #### Credits: MC Translation: **arbshortcake**, **Dyrea** Song Translation: **xIceArcher** Timing: **arbshortcake** Typeset: **Yujacha** Karaoke Timing: **xIceArcher** Karaoke Timing App: **gacha4life** Quality Check: **Yujacha**, **Chezz** Source/Encode: **link2110** #### FAQ **Will you release standalone subtitle files so I can use them with my existing files?** [Get them here!](https://mega.nz/file/r9V2lSjL#2IM9x7mwn_26eqclSn-q8ZjupHUAKOEi73WIJ-nSpgw) *Disclaimer: These files were timed directly to our own encode. Every release is a little different, so it’s possible that our subs might not line up perfectly with other releases. We will not be providing any support to re-time.* **Can I have your permission to use your subtitle files to re-translate into another language?** Absolutely! Just make sure to give credit where appropriate. **I see a bunch of weird video/subtitle issues.** Try a different video player; we recommend MPV. We test our release with the most common video players, but sometimes there are still compatibility issues.

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  • [Team ONIBE] Aqours ONLINE LoveLive! ~LOST WORLD~ [BD 1080p]
    • [Team ONIBE] Aqours ONLINE LoveLive! ~LOST WORLD~ Day 1 Songs [D6F19890].mkv (1.7 GiB)
    • [Team ONIBE] Aqours ONLINE LoveLive! ~LOST WORLD~ Day 2 [8E6BBE59].mkv (10.9 GiB)
    • [Team ONIBE] Aqours ONLINE LoveLive! ~LOST WORLD~ Flashback [0CAC315F].mkv (2.7 GiB)
    • [Team ONIBE] Aqours ONLINE LoveLive! ~LOST WORLD~ Making of Movie [8DCB54F5].mkv (5.6 GiB)
    • [Team ONIBE] Aqours ONLINE LoveLive! ~LOST WORLD~ Pre-Live Announcements [E163F3B9].mkv (597.9 MiB)
Any reason why it's not the full Day 1? Just curious.
file too big. *dies* need 8th hard drive.... *dies* @booyah10, that's something that is often done for BD releases of lives. In many lives, both days are often the same with only 1 or 2 songs on the entire set list being different from the other day. Rather then release both days, with mostly the same content, they tend to pick one day and then release the content from the other day that wasn't in the selected day. New Romantic Sailors Braveheart Coaster Amazing Travel DNA Kuuchuu Ren'ai Ron Maze Sekai CYaZALEA☆Kiss☆DADANDAAAN Fantastic Departure! Deep Resonance Aqours Pirates Desire Wake up, Challenger!! / Dance with Minotaurus Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai? JIMO-AI Dash! Aozora Jumping Heart / Mirai no Bokura wa Shitteru yo 26 songs performed over the 2 days, but only 15 different songs. They simply didn't include the 11 songs which were performed on both days twice on the BD release.