[Commie] Space Dandy - Volume 5 [BD 720p AAC]

2022-04-22 22:58 UTC
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i will see you in two months for the next volume
why two months
idk isn't it supposed to take that long since you have to do it from scratch
i mean i already released volume 6 years ago, and volume 7 is mostly done but was never released. though after that yeah i have to sub it from scratch. though this show isn't that hard to sub since it doesn't have much if any typesetting.
first i've heard of that hope the rest is smooth sailing then
of course it is still lower priority than BDs for stuff that recently aired or anything new (like the second half of gits sac_2045) so it could still be a while depending on when things are uploaded
this is not a gay sports anime that always work on what happened did you start feeling straight or something ?
give this more priority gits is shit plz
I think he already subbed every baseball show in existence, so commie is branching out.
sadly i only have one sports anime left in the pipeline