[SlyFox] Summertime Rendering (Summer Time Render) - 01 [33073356].mkv

2022-04-15 00:37 UTC
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An actual translation before some retard decides to make a MTL.

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  • [SlyFox] Summertime Rendering - 01 [33073356].mkv (1010.7 MiB)
torn going out in a blaze of dmca glory
I salute your sacrifice torn o7
The only way to beat speed-subbers to sub at a speed superior to theirs. Welcome to the world of.... SUPER-SPEED-SUBBING!!!!
what i should do with my MTL now :'(
Thank you very much. You have my respects.
What's mean MTL?
moms taking licks
are these good subs?
no they're memesubs
>bloated file size no thanks
Good subs. Hope you keep up the weekly releases.
> no they’re memesubs hello resident troll > Good subs. Hope you keep up the weekly releases never thought I'd see fansubs in this day and age, arigato
Please don't drop this, thanks
Thanks for the MTL!
maybe i shouldn’t have seeded without a vpn
good subs, please don't drop
didn't read the subs but it's a j->e translation so it's bad
Thanks for the MTL, better than nothing.


BANNED Trusted
this release > all
watched the episode and the subs are pretty great
Thanks a lot! and I hope you will continue doing this.
> An actual translation before some retard decides to make a MTL. Ah yes, pulling the Thanos move, I see
The censorship annoyed me ngl. The subs are good though.
Is this really censored?
incredibly based please continue this series thank you
all these memes about getting dmca'd made me nervous and download from private. thanks whoever uploaded this to blu and later to pter, bhd etc. ab fags keep losing.
lol pip3, cope and dilate ABusers dont want faggots like you that think that you are actually gonna get DMCA'd by disney agahahagahahagsgaakakaakaagshagag cope
posting in epic bread, sankyuu doc torn


@W3lkin take your meds
@random_bigInteger was the episode censored? Because manga is nearly identical in violence and nudity for the first chapter (which was covered for this entire episode)
i liteterally am on ab. ab enablers are inconsolable because a general chinese tracker (pter) has the latest fansubs but their favorite tracker doesn't.
AB users are retarded, Bakabt is better and is fullseeded whereas AB has dead torrents. So much for anime elitism.
if you wanna put an ab user on life support ask him to send you a random official soundtrack and then be like "you got any scans with that?"
I'm not on a pt so this thread feels good


PTs are useless unless you're either an active fansubber or watch old niche titles. And if it's the former, all you really need is U2.
PTs are great and all but I have no way of getting into one even though my ratio is like 9 with 250TB uploaded, but yeah I mean this cat website is enough.
Getting into U2 is a dream, although I don't think I'll ever be able to. Oh well, I'm not that active of a fansubber, and almost all things do end up on nyaa eventually.
Thank you very much for giving us the ability to watch this interesting anime!
pip3 malding, cope CCP puppet
cabal is the is the cringe globohomo nato of torrents; pter, hdc, rutracker etc are the based multipolar alliance
this first ep is real hype at the end
It feels like I have seen this episode before, I can remember everything that has happened before. Has this episode been released before?
I am betting most of the comments dissing on AB are a result of sour grapes over not getting into AB. AB is not perfect, but it's still the best private tracker for anime. BBT has a harder economy now, and has very few new uploads. And AB has like 10x the torrents that BBT has, so ofc there are going to more dead torrents. Never used Pter or rutracker for anime, but I doubt they'd have anything that Nyaa doesn't. Anyways, If people think that any show older than 3 years is "niche" or irrevelant, or don't care which encode they watch, they don't need AB in the first place, so good for them
Man I thought I fucked my VLC settings up cuz of that stuff at the start of the episode