[Anonyneko] Black Rock Shooter - Dawn Fall - 02 [1080p] [AF531B49].mkv

2022-04-14 13:10 UTC
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Possibly another one-off. Not sure how much demand there really is, but for whatever it's worth. [Softsubs](https://mega.nz/folder/uwoWxAbQ#DYQLHGyb1L4M9fTjo2liXQ) ~~If anyone is good at timing and whatnot and is willing to help, I would greatly appreciate it and it would increase the likelihood of not dropping this. Timing from captions isn't too amazing for fansub purposes, but I'm not doing much better whether I edit that or time from scratch...~~ Found help! ------ For that matter, same request applies for 6HP, there are two poorly timed episodes that may need to be redone, and five more with no timing at all. It's not that I can't do it, but I'll do a piss poor job and get burned out in the process. >I don't think Anonyneko will finish them anytime soon / ever. >He's giving updates saying stuff like "maybe I'll do it one day" in the Nyaa comments like every 6 months but so far nothing ever happened. sad but true ;_;

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  • [Anonyneko] Black Rock Shooter - Dawn Fall - 02 [1080p] [AF531B49].mkv (963.8 MiB)
Thanks. Would love to see you continue this
Thank you very very much
What's the point of subbing 6hp if the show is stalled indefinitely (aka definitely canceled)? Just give your attention to other stuff.

Anonyneko (uploader)

I like it, even though I'm not very fond of its creator forgetting about it and getting into NFTs instead. It's a big shame that it won't be finished, but what is already out is a unique enough experience. Besides, surprisingly enough there are enthusiastic fans of 6HP despite its sorry state of affairs.
Do it for the weeb people!
Thank you for subbing another episode of this. Please continue, the weeb community will be in your debt forever.
Thank you so much for subbing this. I really hope you continue I've been enjoying your subs a whole lot!

Anonyneko (uploader)

Thanks for the comments, I intend to do the new episode at least. Still can't guarantee the rest because work and burnout aren't terribly predictable.
Thanks for your hard work!