[HakoSubs] Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya ~Licht Namae no Nai Shoujo~(BDRip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC)

2022-04-13 20:31 UTC
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This is my first time attempting a release, thank you to Astroprogs for working on the original release. Loosely based on Astroprogs’ release and used his timing as the basis for for a majority of the movie. ### Minor Changes: • Retimed a majority of the lines to not cut off before the character is done speaking. • Kept the Ruby text since Astro seems to like them. • Removed all-caps on sentences • Used a cleaner font ### Major Changes: • Added additional lines that were mixed up or skipped. • Fixed a line regarding Angelica talking about the Ainsworths' wish to save humanity. • Added a missing line between Beatrice and Illya before they fight. • Fixed incorrect lines regarding Beatrice and Magni’s core that’s also incorrectly translated in the manga. It’s not “Authority” 権能 (kennou) which is an established term in Type-Moon terms, but “Ownership” 所有権 (shoyuuken), as in her right to wield Mjolnir. • Fixed a line regarding Kuro and Sakura, the manga line with Rule Breaker is simplified in the movie version. • Fixed a lot of the new dialogue that are anime-only (first act + during the Illya vs Julian fight) • Fixed brand new line where Darius is mocking Julian. In past subs, it’s incorrectly written as Julian messing up at an important time but the line spoken is saying that he still can’t do the basics of Shape Displacement (形状置換). Actual line spoken is 形状置換は基礎だというのに、まだ上手くいかないのか?あの時のように • Fixed brand new line where Darius speaks to Julian about Pandora trying to kill herself. • Lots of minor dialogue changes • Please help, I never want to touch this movie again. ### Credits: Original Release: Astroprogs TL and Script: Gem TL Check: Catasplurge, Gem Retiming: Gem Raws: Reinforce Special Thanks: ɐnɹᴉʞ, pǝǝds, past translators for the manga If the fonts are causing issues: Open Sans SemiBold (Dialogue) Profile Medium (Ruby) You should read the manga instead of this movie, honestly. [Mega Link for script](https://mega.nz/file/j5VGhK5b#kTPOus-kWnpJVhXASDOPIw6VOqONq-GX2TBj7V11bUw)

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  • [HakoSubs] Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya ~Licht Namae no Nai Shoujo~(BDRip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC).mkv (5.9 GiB)