[Leijiverse] Getsuyoubi no Tawawa S2 Special [1080p]

2022-04-03 21:22 UTC
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Translated from the original Japanese dub to English. Sincerely, I did it first to Hungarian, got it checked then made the English version out of the checked Hungarian one - so might not be more of an eligible translation. But you can tell me otherwise, I'm all ears. “The Leijiverse Club” fansub branch is a casual child project of the Hungarian fansub team, Ricz/Ronin Factories. Originally, it’s just a MAL group (link below) where the idea came from for some projects. TL: Ricz TLC: VincentHarkonnen Come by now and then: https://myanimelist.net/clubs.php?cid=422 Or you can track us on: https://lair.riczroninfactories.eu/

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Thank you. Hope your love of the art form carries on.
Thank you. Can you translate special (ep 13) for Ganbare Douki-chan? [Bastard-Raws] Ganbare Douki-chan (BDRip 1080p x264 FLAC) https://nyaa.si/view/1507241

Ricz (uploader)

@WizarD I'll give it a try but I won't promise anything.
"But you can tell me otherwise, I’m all ears." The TL is fine for the most part; I only noticed these issues: 1:23 Where is the great escape? -> There's no need to run away. (nigenakutemo ii // 逃げなくても いい) 1:51 high schooler -> college student (daigakusei // 大学生) 4:48 but it was such a good photo -> she deleted it (kesareta // 消された) Thanks for doing this and the Tawawa on Monday S2 special.

Ricz (uploader)

@ReDone-Subs The first one is a typical Central European phrase which is basically have the same connotation, just with an added "...and why would you do that, btw?" Yeah, this remarks that I'm not a native English speaker. The second one is sometimes makes me confused. Basically because British and American English names it differently the secondary school, yet the Japanese school system is different, there's both of them. The third one is a bit of a freedom on choice of expression from my part, while also have the same connotation yet takes some pride (if this would be the right word for it). Given how she wraps herself later by grapping Douki-kun's arm, I felt that a bit needed for the character. But thank you for the feedback, next time I try to be more vigilant for these. Especially on the second and the first one. In latter by giving less from the region I live in, because it might give sometimes unusual idioms for native speakers.