[Inka-Subs] Jungle Emperor - Episode 25

2022-03-27 23:15 UTC
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So, to all like six of you who watch this, if any of you want to help speed things along, would appreciate an editor of some form. Have had a few staffing issues on this show...
Thanks so much! (Just saw this today.) Great. ❤️ Great job. 👍 Really appreciating that. Hoping you'll keep on, all the way to 52!
Does anyone have the last three episodes of the 1966 series, episodes 50-52? (With Japanese audio and English subs, I mean.) (For some reason, I only have 1-49, can't remember why that is.)
Also, do you mean to get the 1-9 from Evil-Roze? Or?
Will be re-doing 1-26 (using the Evil-roze as a base for 1-9) among other fixes - will probs re-typeset, re-time, and re-edit a lot of our earlier ones as I think they'll be pretty wonky in retrospect. (Won't be using the Viki ones or the ones from that Animelog YT channel - because they're both more hassle than they're worth imo.)