Thunderbolt Fantasy ('18 -nen hoshi-gumi Taipei senshūraku).ts

2022-03-23 19:52 UTC
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A Takarazuka Revue production based on the 2016 Japanese-Taiwanese puppet drama television series. This is a live action theatrical play, NOT PUPPETS. I didn't reencode the .ts because it comes with Japanese subtitles in case anyone wants them, and I have no idea how to rip from them from this file type. Also, the size barely changes.

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  • Thunderbolt Fantasy ('18 -nen hoshi-gumi Taipei senshūraku).ts (8.5 GiB)
Thank you! I want te see this takarazuka from a long time, because Thunderbold Fantasy rock. Btw, maybe it's me but I don't see any subtitles in your ts file, I tried to open it with SubEdit and it found nothing. Do you really have something on your side ? If you don't mind, I can share a reencoded version in .mp4 (~4.8Go for 1080p quality) and if I can include the JP subfile, it could be great. Thanks!

Lomez (uploader)

@Psoushi It doesn't play the subtitles by default, but when I open it on >VLC I can choose the Japanese sub track. For some reason the option isn't available during the first 10 seconds, so maybe that's why you didn't see it. And I've never gotten a subtitle editor to recognize Japanese subs from a .ts. And yeah, feel free to reencode and share. This isn't mine, I'm just from sharing from my private tracker.
You're right, I can finally choose the sub track during the show, not at the beginning. But sadly, after many try and search for informations, it seem that sub track is encrypted and nearly impossible to do something with... At least, I'll post my reencoded version without sub, it's better than nothing. Thanks for the sharing !