[Over-Time] Kamen Rider OOO 10th - The Core Medals of Resurrection [BD-1080p][9EB90440].mkv

2022-03-17 01:52 UTC
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![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/yLEZ7Fa.jpg "Remember when Shu Watanabe was slated to be the next Tori Matsuzaka and then Attack on Titan happened and he vanished off the face of the Earth and turned into the punching bag of a couple of pokemaniacs? cuz I remember") [patch](https://files.catbox.moe/l91m7o.zip) Just in time to kill Chaos fyi the stupid toy isn't out, so we probably got Birth X very wrong. Went with Crab Arm and Crab Compact. Get the prequel off Flame and Earthly.

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  • [Over-Time] Kamen Rider OOO 10th - The Core Medals of Resurrection [BD-1080p][9EB90440].mkv (2.0 GiB)
thank you! . . that pic: me after watching it.
Over-Time subbing OOO again? Oh good lord no. Please don't tell me you morons didn't use 'O's' & 'Greed' again.
Here comes the elitists
How dare I want accurate good subs.
@Golden_Chimera God, can you at least once in a while STFU, douche?
Not as long as there's shit subs being made for a franchise I care about.
Imagine complaining about free fansubs but too lazy to learn Japanese, what a loser.
So then no one should have good subs because I want good subs? Do you know how ridiculous you sound?
You know the funniest shit? OT actually uses "OOO" and "Greeed" in this release. But this dumbfuck is so far up his own ass that he just wanted to complain. Never bothered to actually check. https://files.catbox.moe/wmfefc.png https://files.catbox.moe/elcuxb.png
Of course I didn't check. Which is why I fucking asked. At least you finally did something useful & answered the question.
Man's actually clowning himself for free online. At least get people to pay you, bro.
Lmao always a good look insulting the people doing for free what you can't be bothered to do yourself. All the better when you insult them for doing something they didn't actually do. Bravo. Thanks, Over-Time!
Oh yeah, "asking", and at the same time calling other people "morons". God, people these days, so much tantrum like a child. If you're in a rush just extract the subtitle file and use Aegisub to view the subs and ctrl+F and just search the keyword, stupid.
@Golden_Chimera You got ratio'd on FUCKING NYAA
BABABABIRTH X and our best boi who like Shorts got rest in peace
I still don't get why someone still love complaining about something that's given out for free over here... ![retards everywhere](https://c.tenor.com/8eiBZyAu-6wAAAAi/yare-sigh.gif)
@GuSTaVauM That guy lifetime-job is to complain in every Tokusatsu fansubs post, even with old TV-Nihon subs that being archived here. Got to respect that guy dedication.
@faizikari Such dedication for no reason but... ![whining kids lmao](https://c.tenor.com/Xe1OfV5451sAAAAC/mad-sad.gif)
Count the Medals 1 2 and 3!
>Golden_Chimera Not as long as there’s shit subs being made for a franchise I care about. Where can we see your subtitles, Golden Chimera? After all, it's a franchise you care about, surely you've subbed some of the literal thousands and thousands of episodes?
Woah, that loser seems scared to reply here and run away, what an ultimate douche, hopefully we wouldn't see him overly complaining about free fansubs again, such an eyesore. 😂