Trinity Seven + OVA + Movies (High Quality)(Dual Audio) MKV [1080p] Blu-Ray Rip

2022-02-18 18:13 UTC
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![text]( Encoded Trinity Seven into high quality MKV h.264 format with English, and Japanese audio, along with English Subtitles as well. I used the Japanese Blu-Rays for the video. Source vs Encode comparison (Flip through with keyboard arrows or mouse click) **SCREENSHOTS** If you want updates on all of my plans, my other uploads that cannot be uploaded to nyaa, or to chat with me and others, feel free to join my discord community.

File list

  • Trinity Seven
    • Movies
      • Trinity Seven Movie 1 - The Eternal Library And The Alchemist Girl [DarkDream].mkv (7.2 GiB)
      • Trinity Seven Movie 2 - Heavens Library & Crimson Lord [DarkDream].mkv (7.7 GiB)
    • OVA
      • Trinity Seven - OVA - Trinity Seven And Special Lesson.mkv (3.3 GiB)
    • Trinity Seven - 01 - Administer And Third Selection [DarkDream].mkv (3.0 GiB)
    • Trinity Seven - 02 - Prison Lock And Grimoire Security [DarkDream].mkv (3.0 GiB)
    • Trinity Seven - 03 - Magus And Alchemist [DarkDream].mkv (3.0 GiB)
    • Trinity Seven - 04 - Labyrinth And Magic Gunner [DarkDream].mkv (3.0 GiB)
    • Trinity Seven - 05 - Dream World And Sub-Administer [DarkDream].mkv (3.0 GiB)
    • Trinity Seven - 06 - Dark Mage And Big Event [DarkDream].mkv (3.0 GiB)
    • Trinity Seven - 07 - Lost Technique And Problem Solving [DarkDream].mkv (3.0 GiB)
    • Trinity Seven - 08 - Study And Holiday [DarkDream].mkv (3.0 GiB)
    • Trinity Seven - 09 - Bible Battle And Sweet Memory [DarkDream].mkv (3.0 GiB)
    • Trinity Seven - 10 - Game Master And Satan Slave [DarkDream].mkv (3.0 GiB)
    • Trinity Seven - 11 - Fianna Knights And Sisters [DarkDream].mkv (3.0 GiB)
    • Trinity Seven - 12 - Criminal Girl And His World [DarkDream].mkv (3.0 GiB)

DarkDream787 (uploader)

Someone asked me if I was going to do the movies. I had no idea there were any movies when I uploaded this before. This is the same release as the one I previously put up before I knew the movies existed, but this time the movies are included. If you downloaded this when it was previously uploaded not long ago, you should be able to do a file re-check in your torrent client, and have everything but the movies already downloaded for seeding.
nice encode, thank you! But seed seems to be a problem. I can help seed it for 2 weeks but first i need to finish it :)

DarkDream787 (uploader)

@ot4ku Any seeding help is appreciated. I will be leaving it on 24/7 so even when you cant seed anymore, I guarantee it wont go dead as long as I seed it.


You couldn't be bothered to add chapters? *sighs*
aren't chapters only used to skip the opening?