[DinkySubs]Gekitou! Crush Gear Turbo! DVDrip Episode 09

2022-02-13 22:36 UTC
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Timed and translated by: Ligudink(Rocksas) Quality Checking by: DarkXyzElena and DiamondEDGE RAWs provided by: KaizerPro99 Helllllo Everybody! Dinky here! Putting out episodes every time I finish one and I finish checking it gives me a lot of joy! Episode 09 is finally out, along with the special surprise I talked a lot about. I will talk more about it when I release it. I encourage you all to join the server I have created(for now it is only used as a hub to communicate with my team and I(link: https://discord.gg/3q7w9KPyyK). The server will feature updates as they come, and I intend on posting sneak peeks, polls(mostly for terminology's sake), as well as receive direct feedback from all viewers. As I said before in previous posts, Episode 13 will mark the end of the anime's first arc, so I decided to release a batch of the V2 releases of all the episodes before it. The V2 releases will contain the definite and final translation of the episodes, fixing all broken terms, mistranslations(especially in Episode 1 as it was my first go), and even the fonts. The fonts will be fixed in the V2 releases, and will be incorporated in V1 releases of the next arc no problem. Thank you all for your continuous support!

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  • [DinkySubs]Gekitou! Crush Gear Turbo! Episode 09-Jirou's Old Injury .mkv (249.3 MiB)