[ZerCool] Perfect Blue Dezoomerized edition - LASERDISC AUDIO - UKBD remux

2022-02-13 03:19 UTC
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I looove a good little cock-whore, dont't you? Thats the moral of today's feature, learning to accept yourself for the filthy, yet loyal, slut you are instead of trying to fight whats deep inside and be a dainty dress up doll, like society says you should. I hope after watching this harrowing tale about one former bubblegum pop star's war against feminism itself, to unleash her inner cock whore, you too can know the truth of what you must do with your life. Now I'm sure you're wondering just what DOES dezoomerized mean anyway? Well unlike modern digital media like dvds, blurays, webdl, etc, where it has bastardized 5.1+ surround sound tracks meant to sound passable both on an actual home theater system and downmixed for stereo speakers, or even worse a goddam phone, like most zoomers like to pretend is an acceptable way to watch a movie... Laserdisc was a different beast entirely. Yes the legendary media of yesteryear, laserdisc. The 5.1(and in some cases 6.1 and 7.1 near the end of its life) were mixes made for adults for actual home theater set ups, not fucking brats watching on some damn phone. As such, while your media player will do a sort of down-mixing to come out of the shit speaker on your phone more often than not a laserdisc 5.1 surround track downmixed for a shitphone will sound like anus. Which is good because it prevents an adult's sound track from being played on a child's play thing. By the grace of God perfect blue is one such movie with a proper 5.1 track on its laserdisc. That has replaced the modern bastardized 5.1 track from the bluray. Now now children dont cry, I didnt leave you out, laserdisc does have audio options for poors too. Each laserdisc with a 5.1 surround track also has a dolby stereo 2.0/4.0 matrix lpcm track, and an analog mono fm stero track. Both of which are included here for your listening plesasure, captured losslessly and losslessly compressed for audio quality that surpasses any dvd/bluray release that of perfect blue that included a stereo/mono track lossly compressed. Which of these tracks should you listen to? I'm glad you asked, I've made a handy chart here: Mono track: Listen to this if you are a child who wants to use their damn phone to watch this. OR if you want to hear the original theatrical soundtrack for the movie. Yes a movie from 1999 for some reason(it was because they ran out of money and couldnt afford a digital 5.1 or even an analog 4.0 mix for the movie) released in theaters with a mono track. So if you're curious about what that sounds like give this a listen, even if you aren't a child. Dolby stereo track: Listen to this if you have stereo speakers on whatever you are watching the movie on, OR if you have a dolby surround/prologic 4.0 surround sound system sitting around, OR you have a modern surround sound system and are curious about what the 4.0 matrix'd surround sound track sounds like. 5.1 surround sound track: Listen to this if you are an adult with an actual home theater set up. Q&A: Q: Why use the original uk bluray instead of litterally anything else? A: because the original UK bluray is one of a very few releases that weren't scrubed of their film grain to kill the image quality. Of those releases the uk bluray is the best one. Q: why did you remove the lossless 5.1 surround track from the bluray and replace it with one sourced from the lossy laserdisc 5.1 track? A: Because the laserdisc track is a different mix. Made for adults. The 5.1 track from the bluray is a bastardized version of it, as is the one from the dvd. Q: why cant I find a cock whore of my own? A: because your an incel nazi that watches anime. Maybe try growing the fuck up and treating women like more than just a holster for your micro penis, then realizing women are actually people with their own hopes dreams and lives. Thats a good first step. Q: are you serious? A: yes I'm very serious, women are people not *just* toys. Q: what is dolby stereo A: read this my friend it will help https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolby_Stereo Q: why the english dolby digital 5.1? A: because it came with the UK bd, sadly only a bastardized 5.1 track made to be able to gracefully downmix exists for english so this is what every dub watcher will be forced to use. And with that I leave you to your devices. Remember children good girls get taken home, loved & wfie'd up. Bad girls get thrown out with the other feminst single moms.

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Blessed release! Let's all harass our local idols too!
Thx! Will watch it on my phone.
Awesome. Compared to UK BD / R2J DVD and already noticed an improvement in the first seconds of the film.
Please upload the rest of robotech, it's been months since you said you would

PeePeePooPoo69 (uploader)

I'll upload it eventually. I have to get around to actually ripping the discs and watchiing them myself first
For the correct boomer experience you have to convert these to low res .rm and watch them in RealPlayer.
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You Sir, are a HERO!