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2022-02-02 14:27 UTC
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# __Douluo Dalu - Episode 193 (Official Subs)__ ___ ### __Subtitles__ #### __My release of __this__ Episode includes 2 __English__ subtitles:__ __1 Subtitles that appear on top of the Chinese Subs:__ - Angie --> Font used in "Douluo Dalu" __1 Subtitles that hides the Chinese Subs:__ - Hides Chinese (04) --> Angie __Extra's:__ - Longer lines have been split into 2 lines for a more preferable reading. - The subs duration have been extended so you can read a little longer. - The English Overlay subs don't reach the watermark anymore. ___ ### __VLC Media Player__ #### __How to choose those subs?__ __I recommend using this video player to everyone since it supports the newest codec and billions of people are using it!__ - Download VLC Media Player - Move your mouse to the top or right click on video to "__Subtitle > Subtrack > Choose your Subs/Font__" - Choose one you like the most and enjoy the video! ^^ I'll add a these fonts in every upcoming release so everyone can choose their favorite font to get the best watch experience! ___ ## __Qualification__ __THIS TORRENT QUALIFIES AS A RED ENTRY__ - Reupload of original release using non-original file names. - Reupload of original release with missing and/or unrelated additional files. __THIS TORRENT QUALIFIES AS A GREEN ENTRY__ - Torrents uploaded by trusted users. - Though it’s not green, I am fortunately NOT a troller or shitposter! ___ # Hi there, @VipapkStudios here, so first of all cheers to @bex39 for being able to cover me AGAIN for a while lol. Got graduation exams coming up so i like to focus on that. I can cover Tunshi Xingkong as usual but not Douluo because i can't do many things at once. I assume starting like 5 February i'll be able to make a comeback. I'm searching for an internship too atm so TOTES busy! >_<

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