Xiyou Ji: Dasheng Guilai (Monkey King: Hero Is Back)

2022-01-30 23:01 UTC
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Legend tells of the all-powerful Monkey King, who was unmatched in combat, and walked freely through Heaven, Earth, and Hell. After breaking some of the most important rules set by the Gods, he is imprisoned in an ice cage under the mountains, bound by the only powers able to control him. Without the great Monkey King, darkness falls across China. While fleeing from the monsters that have attacked his village, a small boy hides in the mountains as his only place of safety, and finds a strange icy pillar bound in chains. He touches the ice, breaking the spell, and begins the events of the movie Monkey King: Hero is Back. Related movie: https://nyaa.si/view/1473796

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OMG. You found this! Thank you so so much. Cheers.

Sauron (uploader)

Google is your friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh man...I got results with links to games site like steam and softonic for downloads and youtube when I don't include word "download". So I tried myanime and after scrolling sooo many pages I gave up. I admit I'm not the smartest tool in the shed when it comes to getting relevant web results :-(

Sauron (uploader)

I went to MAL and wrote Monkey King and it was the 1st result, after that it was easy to find.
Dang it! I wrote the full title thinking there's probably a bajillion "Monkey King" results. Obviously, me thinks too much!