[DinkySubs]Gekitou! Crush Gear Turbo! DVDrip Episode 08

2022-01-28 17:19 UTC
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I'm happy to be capable of constantly outputting episodes for everybody's viewing pleasure. Don't forget to seed, and please join the discord server(link: https://discord.gg/3q7w9KPyyK) for constant updates!! Episode 09 as well as a big surprise are on their way, so be prepared! Translated and timed by: Ligudink(Rocksas) Quality Check: DarkXyzElena and DiamondEDGE RAWs provided by: KaizerPro99

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  • [DinkySubs]Gekitou! Crush Gear Turbo! Episode 08- Takoyaki Battle Royale.mkv (249.3 MiB)
Hei it looks like your group happen to have the best quality rip. Possibly the ones that dead here. Do you mind share it? or where did you get it?
There’s a misspelling on the character’s name. Its actually Kuroudo not Claude or even Cloud. You can see his romanji name on the tournament matchmaking.

Rocksas (uploader)

@Lier96, the spelling is quite intentional on my end. His name in the English dub was translated directly to Kuroudo that is true, and even in an interview with the staff they said Kuroudo is a reference to a Samurai of the ages. However; his name is NOT Kuroudo, it is indeed Claude since in Episode 4, you can see the shot of Team Griffon's data, all of the names were in full Japanese Kanji, while only Claude's name was in Katakana. Katakana is used for spelling foreign names to prevent all possible misunderstandings. In addition to his mother, who appeared in episode 14 who IS indeed a foreigner, thus making me certain it's Claude and not Kuroudo. In addition to the German dub that also noticed this and named him Claude from what I was told by a fellow fan when I asked them about it.

Rocksas (uploader)

@fizhsmile The RAWs I was provided are private RAWs directly from the DVD itself, so I cannot publish them as I only have the permission to use them for the subs. I hope you look forward to our releases, and expect our surprise release soon!
That Kaizer guy said he got it from torrent, most likely from a private tracker considering torrent on nyaa is dead. I knew someone out here still have this raw copy from anime sharing. The sizes are exactly the same of average 249mb. Oh well I hope you keep subbing this anime and keep release them regularly.
Actually there is nothing private about these raws. They were everywhere on the web from 2010ish till 2014 then with websites dying, etc they started to disappear. The came from Share EX2 and later were uploaded to the web on arearaw and then copied from arearaw to vn sharing, some indo websites and other websites. And no you don't compare files by filesize, use crc32 (or other proper hashing method) -_-