[Some-Stuffs] Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean 02 [341230C5].mkv

2022-01-21 01:22 UTC
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  • [Some-Stuffs] Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean 02 [341230C5].mkv (1.3 GiB)
Ocean can't be stone!
guess who's in this episode
the time has come and so have i
I like Some-Stuff releases, but since they started using 12bit HEVC these don't play on a lot of hardware (TV Boxes, SBCs etc).
Yeeeessssssssssssssssssss I have waited 4- No 5000 years for this
@XxAcielxX This encode is 10bit though?
We don't release anything in 12-bit at all anymore.
>Ocean can’t be stone! Technically, wouldn't a stone ocean just be lava?
Can we expect a bit faster release from the next time? Thanks
No, you cannot. As I said, we're not aiming for speed. We're not going to rush and sacrifice polish, especially not when the existing translation needs as much work as it can get.
Oh okay. So basically we are going to see new episode after every two weeks?
There is no set schedule. They'll be out when they're ready. The two week plan we mentioned on the site was concocted before we learned it was a Netflix show and they would ruin everything. As it is now, the idea is to use two weeks after JP airdate as a soft deadline to prevent the project from stalling. That said, we're not going to rush it if we're running up the "deadline", especially not if it's because of work and school getting in the way. It's more for us to keep things moving along at a steady pace.
Anyone getting jitters during the intro? I've got beastly hardware, so I assume it's the player/codec setup. I use MPC-HC, MadVR, VSFilter. The jitters seem to occur with the KFX. Methinks VSFilter is the issue here... any better alternatives?
@eamonx same here, I came back to write about it. @Toa_of_Gallifrey any idea why this is happening?
@thelastpirateking: I think the font is also part of the issue too. Funtrocker.otf is attached and takes a while to load when you open it up in Windows.
Does the error occur watching it on MPV? I want to say MPV usually uses Libass by default, so you could also try using that instead of VSFilter as well.
It is definitely the font. It should be fine with mpv.
Are you planning to also check out and work on the TV release, as there might be some changes in some episodes compared to Netflix?
@Bani57 We've been keeping an eye out on the TV differences, but so far they've been extremely minor. To my knowledge, most of them have already been retroactively applied on Netflix, so we're sticking with pure web rips for the time being. This release includes the only major change for the TV version; that being the Green Dolphin Street Prison logo on Emporio's hat during the opening.
@Toni thanks! God I hope they give us some info soon about whether episode 13 is dropping first in a batch on Netflix or will we have to wait for the TV to catch up.
@the_swizzler: Forgive my ignorance, but is libass available for MPC on Windows? I can't seem to find a dll for it...
I really would just recommend switching to mpv, but you can try the recommendations from MTBB's [short playback guide](https://gist.githubusercontent.com/motbob/754c24d5cd381334bb64b93581781a81/raw/dbda47515b9655db03a86c9ae281ba8290e08966/playback_guide).
Thanks Toa, that seems to have fixed the problem.